All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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There are 33 item(s) in Haliotidae.

  Seashells family: Haliotidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
788 Haliotis asinina Philippines 67-74mm F+, F++ $3.50
772 Haliotis assimilis USA 110-119mm F++ $12.00
2009 Haliotis assimilis USA 140-148mm F++ SOLD OUT
2008 Haliotis assimilis USA 128-138mm F++ $25.00
2007 Haliotis assimilis USA 120-124mm F++ $15.00
251 Haliotis australis New Zealand 78mm F++ SOLD OUT
1375 Haliotis corrugata Mexico 140mm F+ $12.00
2011 Haliotis corrugata Mexico 163mm F+ SOLD OUT
2010 Haliotis corrugata Mexico 151mm, F+ $15.00
1063 Haliotis elegans W. Australia 88mm F++ SOLD OUT
1377 Haliotis emmae Australia 49-61mm F++ SOLD OUT
2012 Haliotis fulgens USA. 155mm,162mm F++ $20.00
1335 Haliotis fulgens USA. 139mm,143mm F++ SOLD OUT
2090 Haliotis iris New Zealand 143mm F++ SOLD OUT
1484 Haliotis laevigata W. Astralia 93mm F+ $5.00
1988 Haliotis lamellosa Israel 37mm F++ $5.00
1013 Haliotis ovina Philippines 51mm F++ $4.50
1202 Haliotis ovina Indonesia 45-46mm F++ $4.50
1445 Haliotis parva S. Africa 44mm-48mm F++/G $15.00
773 Haliotis patamakanthini Thailand 35-65mm F++ $8-25.00
1118 Haliotis patamakanthini Thailand 43mm-51mm F++/G $20-25.00
1579 Haliotis planata Indonesia 40 , 44mm F++ SOLD OUT
1878 Haliotis pustulata cruenta Egypt 34mm F++ SOLD OUT
274 Haliotis queketti S. Africa 29mm,33mm F+++ $40.00
1062 Haliotis rubra S. Australia 144mm F/F+ SOLD OUT
1994 Haliotis rufescens Mexico 205mm-155 F+ $28-30.00
791 Haliotis scalaris Australia 51-53mm F++ $10.00
2013 Haliotis scalaris Australia 86mm F++ SOLD OUT
1259 Haliotis spadicea S. Africa 85mm F++ SOLD OUT
790 Haliotis tuberculata Spain 55mm F+ $6.00
1376 Haliotis varia Indonesia 45-53mm F++ $3.00
2091 Haliotis virginea virginea New Zealand 54mm F++ SOLD OUT
882 Haliotis volcaninus Indonesia 45-50mm F++ $3.00