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There are 193 item(s) in Cypraeidae.

  Seashells family: Cypraeidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
479 Cypraea achatidea Spain 38-42mm F++/G $5.00
491 Cypraea acicularis Brasil 22mm G $3.00
1545 Cypraea alfredensis S. Africa 24mm Gem SOLD OUT
258 Cypraea algoensis algoensis S. Africa 25mm F+/G $12.00
260 Cypraea algoensis sanfrancisca S. Africa 20mm, 21mm G $30.00
325 Cypraea amphithales S. Africa 20-22mm F+ SOLD OUT
795 Cypraea annettae Mexico 36mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1643 Cypraea annulus Indonesia 24-26mm F++/G $1.00
584 Cypraea arabica asiatica Indonesia 45-50mm F++/G $2.50
2627 Cypraea arabica immanis Madagascar 85mm F++ $20.00
1885 Cypraea arabicula Ecuador 20mm up Gem $2.00
199 Cypraea arabicula Panama 28mm Gem $3.00
866 Cypraea argus Philippines 67-73mm F+++ $10.00
777 Cypraea argus Indonesia 58mm Gem $5.00
1338 Cypraea armeniaca Australia 95mm F++ $130.00
1563 Cypraea aurantium Philippines 102mm F++/G SOLD OUT
383 Cypraea azurea Australia 28-30mm G SOLD OUT
1582 Cypraea bistrinotata Indonesia 20mm,-21mm Gem $5.00
196 Cypraea bistronotata bistronitata Philippines 15mm up Gem $4.00
1959 Cypraea boivini Taiwan 30mm Gem , albinistic . $8.00
1254 Cypraea camelopardalis Egypt 68mm F+++ SOLD OUT
259 Cypraea capensis S. Africa 28-29mm G $10.00
351 Cypraea caputdraconis Anakena 29mm G SOLD OUT
1059 Cypraea caputserpentis Indonesia 30mm-36mm F++/G $3.00
868 Cypraea carneola carneola Indonesia 20-21mm F++ $2.00
204 Cypraea carneola carneola Indonesia 52mm Gem $4.00
591 Cypraea caurica caurica Indonesia 28-40mm F++/G $2.00
1113 Cypraea caurica elongata Mauritius 30mm,37mm G $4.00
2202 Cypraea cervus USA 121mm F+ SOLD OUT
1263 Cypraea childreni Vanuatu 23mm Gem SOLD OUT
592 Cypraea chinensis chinensis Indonesia 30-40mm F++/G $3.50
191 Cypraea cicercula lienardi Thailand 17-19mm Gem $2.00
1155 Cypraea cilindrica New Caledonia 35-37mm F++/G SOLD OUT
311 Cypraea cinerea brasiliensis Brasil 37mm Gem SOLD OUT
2197 Cypraea citrina Mozambique 17mm Gem SOLD OUT
2194 Cypraea coloba Thailand 20-21mm F++/G $8.00
609 Cypraea comptoni Australia 20mm F++/G $5.00
261 Cypraea coronata S. Africa 30-32mm G SOLD OUT
1354 Cypraea coronata debrunii S. Africa 29-31mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1139 Cypraea coxeni Solomons 22mm Gem $5.00
189 Cypraea cribraria cribraria Philippines 26-32mm F+++ $3.00
433 Cypraea cylindrica cylindrica New Caledonia 35mm G SOLD OUT
581 Cypraea cylindrica sowerbyana Indonesia 20-30mm F++/G $2.00
2256 Cypraea dayritiana Philippines 26mm Gem SOLD OUT
354 Cypraea diluculum Africa 24mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1432 Cypraea donmoorei Venezuela 57-58mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1290 Cypraea donmoorei Venezuela 43mm F++/G SOLD OUT
797 Cypraea edentula S. Africa 21mm Gem $25.00
198 Cypraea eglantina New Caledonia 49mm Gem SOLD OUT
353 Cypraea englerti Hangaroa 19mm G SOLD OUT
1022 Cypraea erosa W. Australia 43-46mm Gem $5.00
1023 Cypraea erosa Indonesia 30-35mm F++/G $2.00
2653 Cypraea esontropia francescoi Madagascar. 19mm Gem $20.00
1426 Cypraea Fultoni Mozambique 74mm F++  SOLD OUT
332 Cypraea fuscodentata orientalis S. Africa 31mm G $29.00
257 Cypraea fuscodentata orientalis S. Africa 32mm G $40.00
256 Cypraea fuscodentata sphaerica S. Africa 32-35mm G SOLD OUT
1355 Cypraea Fuscorubra S. Africa 35mm Gem SOLD OUT
262 Cypraea fuscorubra S. Africa 34-36mm G $20.00
2687 Cypraea fuscorubra S. Africa 35-37mm Gem $8.00
279 Cypraea fuscorubra immaculata S. Africa 36mm F++ SOLD OUT
2204 Cypraea gangranosa Mozambique 24mm Gem SOLD OUT
1151 Cypraea gangranosa Thailand 17-20mm Gem $5.00
2255 Cypraea gangranosa gangranosa Mozambique 23mm,25mm Gem $20.00
1661 Cypraea gaskoini Hawaii 21mm Gem SOLD OUT
593 Cypraea gracilis Indonesia 12-16mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1272 Cypraea guttata Philippines 45mm-58mm Gem SOLD OUT
2691 Cypraea guttata aazumai Japan 55mm,56mm F++ SOLD OUT
1481 Cypraea Guttata surinensis Thailand 51mm-53mm(No:2) Gem $85.00
610 Cypraea hammondae dampierensis Australia 14mm F++/G $6.00
587 Cypraea helvola helvola Indonesia 19-22mm F++/G $2.00
1543 Cypraea hesitata hesitata S.Australia 79mm-87mm F++ SOLD OUT
588 Cypraea hirundo rouxi Indonesia 15-20mm F++/G $5.00
1893 Cypraea hungerfordi Japan 40mm up F++ $15.00
1895 Cypraea hungerfordi Japan 31mm up Gem $8.00
283 Cypraea hungerfordi Japan 47mm G SOLD OUT
1894 Cypraea hungerfordi Japan 35mm up F++/G $12.00
284 Cypraea hungerfordi hungerfordi Japan 30-35mm G $12.00
814 Cypraea isabella N. Australia 28mm Gem $4.00
309 Cypraea isabella isabella Indonesia 28-35mm F++/G $3.50
405 Cypraea kieneri Philippines 20mm G $10.00
589 Cypraea kieneri depriesteri Indonesia 10-15mm F++/G $3.00
573 Cypraea labrolineata Indonesia 10-20mm F++/G $2.00
1524 Cypraea lamarckii Mozambique 36mm up gem $12.00
2196 Cypraea lamarckii Mozambique 43mm Gem SOLD OUT
201 Cypraea lamarckii fat form Thailand 25-27mm Gem SOLD OUT
2248 Cypraea langfordi Japan 53mm Gem $350.00
1256 Cypraea leucodon Philippines 83mm F++/G $580.00
2615 Cypraea leucodon Philippines 85mm F++/G $600.00
1995 Cypraea leviathan Hawaii 47mm-52mm F++/G $20.00
583 Cypraea limacina Indonesia 23-28mm F++/G $4.00
594 Cypraea listeri Indonesia 10mm up F++/G $6.00
382 Cypraea lurida Italy 46mm G SOLD OUT
355 Cypraea lutea Australia 17mm G $5.00
571 Cypraea lynx Indonesia 52-58mm F++/G $4.00
575 Cypraea lynx Indonesia 18-25mm F++/G $2.00
857 Cypraea maculifera Indonesia 68-72mm F++ SOLD OUT
856 Cypraea mappa geographica Indonesia 54mm up F++/G $8.00
855 Cypraea mappa mappa Philippines 77mm up F++/G $8.00
586 Cypraea mappa mappa (Freak) Malaysia 65mm F++ SOLD OUT
1298 Cypraea marginalis S. Africa 29mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2679 Cypraea marginata consueta W. Australia 60mm F++ $99.00
1137 Cypraea marginata marginata W. Australia 60mm Gem SOLD OUT
847 Cypraea martini Marshall 15mm G $55.00
1082 Cypraea mauritiana (Niger) Mauritius 64mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1431 Cypraea mikeharti S. Africa 18mm Gem $40.00
1853 Cypraea miliaris Philippines 36mm F++/G $2.00
1644 Cypraea moneta Indonesia 23-25mm Gem $1.00
1173 Cypraea moneta icterina Zanzibar 37mm F++/G $5.00
329 Cypraea mus Venezuela 36mm F++/G $10.00
1854 Cypraea nebrites Egypt 28mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2198 Cypraea nivosa Thailand 34mm Gem SOLD OUT
2624 Cypraea nucleus Madagascar 24mm F++/G $5.00
200 Cypraea onyx Philippines 38mm up Gem $2.50
2215 Cypraea onyx succinta Indonesia 43mm F++ SOLD OUT
1024 Cypraea ovum ovum Indonesia 31-36mm Gem $3.00
1152 Cypraea owenii vasta Madagascar 16mm F++/G $25.00
2625 Cypraea pellisserpentis Madagascar 23mm Gem $200.00
2626 Cypraea pellisserpentis Madagascar 25mm Gem SOLD OUT
794 Cypraea picta Cape Verde 27-29mm F++/F+++ $20 .00
192 Cypraea poraria Philippines 18mm Gem $3.00
1525 Cypraea pulchella pulchella Japan 35-42mm Gem $19.00
1523 Cypraea pulchroides W. Africa 39mm Gem SOLD OUT
1349 Cypraea punctata berinii Tanzania 15mm F++/G $5.00
299 Cypraea pyrum Italy 32-41mm F++/G $5-10.00
298 Cypraea pyrum Italy 31-36mm F++/G $15.00
572 Cypraea robertsi Ecuador 15-18mm F++/G $3.00
1370 Cypraea saulae Malaysia 20-21mm Gem $4.00
195 Cypraea scurra Mozambique 37-39mm Gem SOLD OUT
1114 Cypraea semiplota Hawaii 20mm F+++ $30.00
1625 Cypraea spadicea California 56mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2572 Cypraea spurca Spain 24mm Gem SOLD OUT
1624 Cypraea spurca acicularis Brasil 28mm Gem SOLD OUT
1288 Cypraea spurca acicularis W.Alantic 21mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1497 Cypraea spurca verdensium Cape Verde 30mm Gem SOLD OUT
580 Cypraea staphylaea Indonesia 20-24mm F++/G $2.00
377 Cypraea stercoraria Senegal 77mm F++ $40.00
197 Cypraea stolida Philippines 24-28mm Gem $4.00
203 Cypraea succincta adusta Madagascar 39mm Gem SOLD OUT
193 Cypraea sulcidentata Hawaii 36mm F++ SOLD OUT
194 Cypraea sulcidentata Hawaii 40mm Gem SOLD OUT
865 Cypraea talpa Philippines 72mm F++ SOLD OUT
1418 Cypraea teres Nacala 31mm F++/G SOLD OUT
603 Cypraea teres pellucens Panama 24mm F++/G $6.50
1098 Cypraea tesselata Hawaii 18mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1419 Cypraea tesselata Hawaii 33mm Gem SOLD OUT
1253 Cypraea testudinaria Philippines 110-116mm F++/G $14.00
585 Cypraea teuleri Tanzania 40-50mm F++/G SOLD OUT
372 Cypraea thersites Australia 62mm Gem SOLD OUT
707 Cypraea tigris Vietnam L, 115mm, H.70mm Gem SOLD OUT
708 Cypraea tigris Vietnam L. 118mm, H.73mm Gem SOLD OUT
709 Cypraea tigris Vietnam 99mm Gem SOLD OUT
569 Cypraea tigris (freak albino) Indonesia 55-65mm F++/G $5.00
570 Cypraea tigris pardalis Indonesia 70-80mm F++ $12.00
308 Cypraea turdus Dubai 46-48mm G SOLD OUT
1289 Cypraea Umbilia capricornica E. Australia 79mm-89mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1156 Cypraea ursellus Indonesia 15-17mm F++/G $15.00
2153 Cypraea valentia Philippines 84mm F++/G SOLD OUT
781 Cypraea ventriculus Indonesia 54mm F++/G SOLD OUT
597 Cypraea vitellus Indonesia 35-45mm F++/G $2.00
480 Cypraea vredenbergi Indonesia 24-26mm F++/G $19.00
489 Cypraea walkeri Australia 23-26mm G SOLD OUT
1123 Cypraea zebra Brasil 57mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1138 Cypraea ziczac Philippines 18-19mm F++/G $3-4.00
848 Cypraea zonaria W. Africa 24mm F++/G $6.00
2506 Cypraea zonaria gambiensis Senegal 27-31mm F++/G $25,35.00
1577 Cypraea zonaria zonaria Senegal 28mm Gem $8.00
2203 Cypraea ( Bistolida ) stolida diauges Mozambique 27mm F++ $10.00
1507 Cypraea (Bistolida) owenii vasta Mozambique 20mm Gem SOLD OUT
1299 Cypraea (Erosaria) citrina S. Madagascar 22mm up F+/++ $12.00
1660 Cypraea (Erosaria) gangranosa S. Africa 21mm F++/G SOLD OUT
391 Cypraea (Erosaria) granulata Hawaii 30mm up G SOLD OUT
854 Cypraea (Erronea) errones errones Indonesia 28-35mm Gem $2.00
1508 Cypraea (Luria) brasiliensis Brasil 23mm Gem SOLD OUT
867 Cypraea (Lyncina) argus contrastriata Mozambique 67mm-71mm F++/G $14.00
1129 Cypraea (Mauritia) eglantina Indonesia 63mm F++/G SOLD OUT
286 Cypraea (Palmadusta) asellus Indonesia 16-21mm G $3.00
1482 Cypraea (Palmadusta) clandestina clandestina Indonesia 13-16mm Gem $2.50
1084 Cypraea (Palmadusta) Lentiginosa dancalica Emirates 20mm F++ SOLD OUT
190 Cypraea (Pustularia) globulus globulus Thailand 17-18mm Gem $6.00
902 Cypraea (Zoila) venusta venusta W. Australia 70mm Gem $185.00
1544 Cyprara chinensis Mozambique 29mm Gem SOLD OUT
1483 Cyprara testudinaria Indonesia 95-105mm Gem $7.50
2698 stercoraria rattus Gabow 66mm F++ SOLD OUT
374 Zoila decipiens Australia 52mm G SOLD OUT
285 Zoila decipiens W. Australia 71mm G SOLD OUT
373 Zoila decipiens Australia 55mm F++/G SOLD OUT
376 Zoila friendii friendii Australia 69mm G SOLD OUT
265 Zoila friendii vercoi Australia 68mm G SOLD OUT
263 Zoila marginata Australia 60mm G SOLD OUT
375 Zoila rosselli Australia 46.5 F+++ SOLD OUT
393 Zoila thersites Australia 63-65mm G SOLD OUT
287 Zoila venusta sorrentensis W. Australia 54mm G $30.00