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There are 248 item(s) in Conidae.

  Seashells family: Conidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
146 Conus abbas Indonesia 70-80mm F++ $35.00
142 Conus achatinus Indonesia 52mm F++ SOLD OUT
484 Conus acuminatus Djibouti 35-37mm F++ SOLD OUT
979 Conus acutangulus Mozambique 26mm F++/G SOLD OUT
721 Conus aff.brasiliensis Brasil 23mm Gem $50.00
1453 Conus algoensis scitulus S. Africa 20mm-28mm F++ $25.00
1698 Conus algoensis simplex S. Africa 23mm F++ SOLD OUT
211 Conus amadis Thailand 82mm F++ $25.00
1228 Conus amadis castaneofasciatus W. Thailand 66mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1744 Conus amadis var W.Thailand 56mm F++ SOLD OUT
2142 Conus ammiralis Philippines 63-65mm F++/G $12.00
339 Conus angasi Australia 38mm F++ SOLD OUT
2270 Conus arbornatalis Thailand 74mm, 81mm(#1) F+/G $85 .00
2345 Conus arenatus New Guinea 29mm,30mm F++ $3.00
1010 Conus aristophanes Philippines 27-29mm F++ SOLD OUT
1150 Conus armadillo Philippines 68mm F++ $12.00
853 Conus ateralbus Cape verde 37mm F++ SOLD OUT
724 Conus atractus Brasil 45mm F+ $20.00
654 Conus aulicus Indonesia 73mm F++ SOLD OUT
657 Conus aurisiacus Philippines 48-52mm F++ $20-30.00
2144 Conus aurisiacus Indonesia 46mm F++ $50.00
1897 Conus australis Japan 83mm,100mm F++ $15.00
2268 Conus australis Thailand 65mm F++ $8.00
334 Conus bandanus S. Africa 52mm F++ $15.00
2651 Conus bandanus equestris Indonesia 52mm-53mm F++ $65.00
2632 Conus bandanus equestris Indonesia 62mm F++ $70.00
1133 Conus barthelemyi Reunion 50-58mm F++/G SOLD OUT
223 Conus beddomei Brasil 24mm Gem $30.00
1493 Conus beddomei Brasil 19mm-20mm F++/G $22.00
1087 Conus behelokensis Madagascar 42mm F+++ $12.50
1395 Conus belairensis Senegal 24mm F++ SOLD OUT
148 Conus bengalensis Thailand 90-115mm F++ $35-90.00
720 Conus bertarollae Brazil 23-28mm Gem $68.00
1296 Conus betulinus Madagascar 120mm up F++ SOLD OUT
239 Conus biliosus Australia 40mm F++ SOLD OUT
217 Conus brunneus Panama 47mm F++/G SOLD OUT
655 Conus bullatus Japan 60mm up Gem $20.00
1761 Conus cacao Senegal 37mm F+/F++ SOLD OUT
1295 Conus capitaneus Indonesia 40mm F++ $5.00
1229 Conus caracteristicus Philippines 73mm F++ $20.00
727 Conus Carioca Brasil 30mm F+++ SOLD OUT
487 Conus cedonulli St. Vincent 45mm F++/G SOLD OUT
968 Conus centurio Brasil 38-42mm F++/G SOLD OUT
953 Conus centurio Brasil 75mm F++,F+ $55.00
1269 Conus cf. clenchi Brasil 53-55mm F++/G $40.00
1218 Conus chaldeus Philippines 30mm F++ SOLD OUT
892 Conus circumcisus Philippines 57-60mm F++ $10.00
1810 Conus circumcisus Philippines 67-72mm F++ $12.00
494 Conus clenchi Brasil 48-52mm F++/G $45.00
129 Conus clenchi Brasil 48-52mm F++/G $50.00
1043 Conus clerii Brasil 43-49mm F++ SOLD OUT
1762 Conus cloveri Senegal 26mm F++ $25.00
140 Conus coccineus Philippines 51mm F++ SOLD OUT
1011 Conus collisus Philippines 25-27mm F++ SOLD OUT
1107 Conus comatosa Philippines 35mm F++ SOLD OUT
2212 Conus consors Philippines 86mm F++ SOLD OUT
1070 Conus corallinus Philippines 21mm F++ SOLD OUT
995 Conus coronatus Philippines 28mm F++ $2.00
278 Conus crocatus Philippines 44mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1900 Conus crotchii Cabo Verde 23mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1495 Conus cuneolus Cape Verde 25mm Gem SOLD OUT
1782 Conus damottai galeao Cabo verde 22mm F++ $20.00
1697 Conus decoratus Cape Verde 27mm F++ SOLD OUT
1510 Conus delanoyi Cape Verde 32mm F++ SOLD OUT
218 Conus derrubado Cape Verde 18mm F++ $15.00
1217 Conus distans Philippines 129mm F++ $30.00
114 Conus dorreensis W. Australia 29mm F++ SOLD OUT
144 Conus dusaveli Philippines 75mm F++ $70.00
1215 Conus ebraeus Philippines 47mm F++ SOLD OUT
302 Conus eburneus polyglotta Madagascar 50mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2269 Conus episcopatus Thailand 60mm,73mm Gem,F++ SOLD OUT
732 Conus Episcopatus Solomons 61mm F++/G $6.00
1614 Conus ermineus Cape Verde 28,28,30,31,32mm F++ $5/each.00
1361 Conus eumitus Mozambique 64mm F++/F+++ SOLD OUT
2266 Conus fasciatus Thailand 60-70mm F++/G SOLD OUT
387 Conus ferruginea Vietnam 49mm F++ $10.00
1248 Conus figulinus Philippines 103mm F+++ SOLD OUT
726 Conus Figulinus E. Africa 63mm F++ SOLD OUT
268 Conus flavidus Madagascar 54mm F++ $8.00
123 Conus flavidus Majuro 30mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1651 Conus floridulus Philippines 27mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1839 Conus furus Philippines 32mm F++ $12.00
116 Conus generalis Indonesia 62mm F++ $6.00
918 Conus generalis Indonesia 85mm F+ $15.00
891 Conus generalis Philippines 55mm F++ SOLD OUT
1365 Conus generalis generalis Philippines 57mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1872 Conus generalis(s.sp) maldivus Egypt 45mm F++ SOLD OUT
576 Conus genuanus W. Africa 46-48mm F++/G $15.00
651 Conus geographus Indonesia 107mm F++ SOLD OUT
344 Conus gladiator Ecuador 24mm F++ $4.00
1546 Conus glaucus Indonesia 40mm F++ SOLD OUT
1238 Conus glaueus Philippines 47mm F+++ $8.00
2652 Conus gloriamaris Philippines 120-122mm F++ $79.50
1068 Conus gloriamaris Philippines 83.5mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1433 Conus gubernator Madagascar 64mm-74mm F++/G $6.50
2634 Conus hirasei Philippines 55mm F++/G $150.00
1547 Conus hybridus Senegal 40mm F++ SOLD OUT
275 Conus ichinoseana W. Australia 60mm F++/G $35.00
870 Conus immelmanni S. Africa 82mm F++ w/o . SOLD OUT
400 Conus imperalis krabiensis Philippines 57mm F++ SOLD OUT
1041 Conus infrenatus S. Africa 34mm F++ $75.00
130 Conus inscriptus Indonesia 58mm F++ SOLD OUT
1042 Conus iodostoma Mozambique 33-34mm F++ SOLD OUT
2234 Conus ione Philippines 52mm,53mm F+,F++ $30.00
731 Conus irregularis W.Africa 26mm F+++ SOLD OUT
128 Conus janus Mozambique 65-67mm F++ $12.00
725 Conus jaspideus Brasil 14mm F++ SOLD OUT
994 Conus jaspideus verrucosus Brasil 17mm F+++ SOLD OUT
141 Conus kinoshitai Philippines 50-53mm F++ $20.00
991 Conus klemae W.Australia 30mm F+++ SOLD OUT
917 Conus krabiensis Indonesia 50-55mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2211 Conus kuroharai Philippines 59mm F++ $45.00
1270 Conus Laterculatus Philippines 57mm F++ $10.00
118 Conus legatus Philippines 44mm F++ SOLD OUT
1066 Conus lenavati Philippines 56mm F++ SOLD OUT
1303 Conus Lithoglyphus Madagascar 52mm F++ SOLD OUT
893 Conus litteratus Philippines 102mm F++ SOLD OUT
1494 Conus lynceus Vietnam 87mm F++/G SOLD OUT
409 Conus lynceus (orange color) Philippines 55mm F++/G. SOLD OUT
119 Conus madagascariensis India 42mm F++ SOLD OUT
1230 Conus magus Philippines 63mm F++ $6.50
2658 Conus mahogani Panama 34mm F+ $3.50
117 Conus malacanus India 48mm F++ SOLD OUT
1452 Conus marchionatus Marquesas 25-28mm F++ SOLD OUT
653 Conus marchionatus Marquesas 34mm F++/G SOLD OUT
980 Conus marmoreus New Caledonia 30-35mm F++ SOLD OUT
1136 Conus memiae Philippines 20-24mm F++ $8-10.00
112 Conus mercator Cape Verde 38-32mm F++ $10.00
919 Conus mercator Senegal 25-28mm F+++ SOLD OUT
139 Conus miles Indonesia 54mm F++ $4.00
324 Conus miliaris Majuro 16mm F++ SOLD OUT
149 Conus milneedwardsi Mozambique 80-90mm F++ SOLD OUT
150 Conus milneedwardsi India 108mm-149mm F++ $110.00
1069 Conus mindanus agassizii Brasil 39mm F++ $15.00
113 Conus mindanus agassizii Brasil 36mm F++/G $7.00
1840 Conus mindanus agassizii Brasil 41-45mm F++ $10.00
406 Conus moluccensis Philippines 50mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1841 Conus monile India 49mm F++ SOLD OUT
115 Conus monile India 37-41mm F++ $4.00
1108 Conus moreleti Havaii 32mm F++ $10.00
1899 Conus mozambicus mozambicus S.Africa 36mm F++ $20.00
1327 Conus muriculatus Philippines 24-33mm F++/G $10 .00
300 Conus namocanus Madagascar 60-64mm F++ $8.00
495 Conus natalis S. Africa 55mm F++/G $55.00
125 Conus natalis S. Africa 52mm F++ SOLD OUT
981 Conus natalis S.Africa 64mm F++ SOLD OUT
126 Conus natalis (golden colour) S. Africa 53mm F++/G SOLD OUT
407 Conus neptunus Philippines 71mm F++/G SOLD OUT
931 Conus nicobaricus Philippines 25mm F++ SOLD OUT
2229 Conus nigropunctatus New Guinea 28mm F++ $4.00
796 Conus nimbosus Mozambique 37-39mm F+ $8.00
270 Conus nobilis nobilis India 33mm F++ SOLD OUT
110 Conus nobilis victor Indonesia 42mm F++/G SOLD OUT
111 Conus nobilis victor Indonesia 35mm F+ SOLD OUT
656 Conus nussatella Mozambique 30-35mm F++/G $10.00
1396 Conus o.elokosmenos Madagascar 63mm F++ SOLD OUT
652 Conus ochroleucus Philippines 81mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2650 Conus oishii Taiwan 37mm-39mm F+++ $100.00
2235 Conus oishii Japan 33mm F++ $40.00
1721 Conus orbignyi Vietnam 54mm F++ SOLD OUT
993 Conus orbignyi Philippines 45-50mm F++ $12.00
133 Conus papilionaceus West Africa 68-72mm F++ $20.00
315 Conus papilliferus Australia 30mm F++ $8.00
1009 Conus papillosus Philippines 16-18mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1067 Conus patricius Panama 62mm F++ $8.00
1590 Conus pennaceus Mozambique 65mm F++ SOLD OUT
1454 Conus pennaceus bazarutensis Mozambique 48mm F++/G $100.00
957 Conus pennaceus praelatus Mozambique 55-65mm F++/G SOLD OUT
471 Conus pergrandis Philippines 95mm F++/G $90.00
579 Conus pergrandis Vietnam 139mm F++ SOLD OUT
470 Conus pergrandis Philippines 79mm F++ $50.00
1397 Conus pertusus Japan  31mm F++ $20.00
729 Conus pertusus Philippines 30-35mm F+++ $15.00
272 Conus pertusus form amabilis Philippines 43mm F++ SOLD OUT
2267 Conus phuketensis Thailand 75 , 79.5 , 85mm F++/G $125 , 150 , 180.00
916 Conus planorbis Australia 45mm F+/F++ SOLD OUT
1898 Conus polyglotta Philippines 28mm F++ SOLD OUT
1127 Conus praecellens Philippines 27mm F++ SOLD OUT
246 Conus princeps apogrammatus Mexico 51mm F++/G SOLD OUT
122 Conus pulcher Gabon 42-44mm F++ $16.00
490 Conus pulcher byssinus Senegal 59mm F+/F++ $30.00
381 Conus pulicarius Philippines 64mm F++/G $20.00
1052 Conus pulicarius vautieri Marquesas 30mm F+++ $15.00
237 Conus purpurascens Panama 33m F++/G SOLD OUT
1033 Conus quecinus New Caledonia 42mm F+++ SOLD OUT
2143 Conus quercinus Indonesia 103mm F+ SOLD OUT
730 Conus quercinus New Caledonia 45mm F++ SOLD OUT
240 Conus rattus Majuro 24mm F++ SOLD OUT
301 Conus regius Brasil 58mm F+ $15.00
486 Conus rolani Philippines 40mm F++ SOLD OUT
1239 Conus saecularis Philippines 23-25mm F++ $25.00
1496 Conus salreiensis Cape Verde 25mm F++ SOLD OUT
249 Conus sanguinolentus Majuro 24mm F++ SOLD OUT
1109 Conus sazanka Philippines 34mm F+++ SOLD OUT
992 Conus Scabriusculus Philippines 30mm F++ SOLD OUT
2265 Conus schechi Thailand 55 , 70mm F++/G $90 , 150.00
722 Conus selenae Brasil 14mm F++/G $45.00
1135 Conus shikamai Philippines 56mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1873 Conus sieboldi Taiwan 60mm F++/G $15.00
1089 Conus sowerbyi Philippines 31mm F++/G $8.00
869 Conus sp Thailand 65mm F++ SOLD OUT
1553 Conus sp. cf. damottai damottai Cape Verde 25mm F++ SOLD OUT
956 Conus spurius Colombia 54mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2014 Conus spurius atlanticus Florida 27mm F+ $10.00
955 Conus spurius phlogopus Colombia 56-58mm F+++ SOLD OUT
2228 Conus Stercusmuscarum New Guinea 45mm F++ $8.00
954 Conus striatellus Mozambique 54mm F++/G $8.00
138 Conus striatus Indonesia 84-88mm F++ $8.00
1134 Conus sulcatus Philippines 45-54mm F++/G (albino) $15.00
121 Conus sulcocastaneus Philippines 44-46mm F++ $12.00
1874 Conus sumatrensis Egypt 45mm F++ SOLD OUT
982 Conus T. Euetrios E. Africa 77mm F++ SOLD OUT
1110 Conus telatus Philippines 44mm F++/G $12.00
1578 Conus tenuistriatus Indo-Pacific 30mm F++/G $10.00
303 Conus teramachii Madagascar 78-82mm F++ $30.00
127 Conus tessulatus Madagascar 60-64mm F++ $4.00
136 Conus textile Indonesia 42-44mm F++ SOLD OUT
134 Conus textile Indonesia 95mm-97mm F++ $30.00
135 Conus textile Indonesia 61-64mm F++ $10.00
1842 Conus textile Indonesia 74mm F++ $12.00
2676 conus textile pyramidalis Mozambique 50mm F++ $7.00
1552 Conus thailandis Thailand 52mm Gem SOLD OUT
1838 Conus thalasiarchus Philippines 55mm F++ $6.00
1575 Conus thomae Philippines 68mm F++/G $110.00
728 Conus tostei Brasil 27mm F++,G SOLD OUT
124 Conus tribblei Philippines 76mm F++ $18.00
120 Conus tribblei Philippines 61-68mm F++ $11.00
143 Conus trigonus W. Australia 60-65mm F++ SOLD OUT
810 Conus trochulus Cabo Verde 36mm F+/F++ $15.00
1568 Conus typhon Mozambique 54mm F+/G $55.00
380 Conus varius Mozambique 39mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1088 Conus venulatus nivifer Cape Verde 46mm F++ $40.00
1394 Conus verdensis Cape Verde 19mm F+++ SOLD OUT
132 Conus vexillum Indonesia 80mm F++/G SOLD OUT
244 Conus victoriae Australia 44m F++/G $25.00
250 Conus victoriae (black colour) Australia 51mm F++/G SOLD OUT
565 Conus vicweei Thailand 76mm F++ $180.00
723 Conus Villepinii Brasil 40mm F++/G $48.00
1843 Conus Villepinii Brasil 61mm F++/G $60.00
1149 Conus viola Philippines 27-35mm F+++ $18.00
852 Conus vitoriae (orange color) Australia 51mm F++ $20.00
483 Conus vitulinus Philippines 42mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1051 Conus vitulinus Philippines 58mm F++ $10.00
1237 Conus voluminalis (ogrange form) Philippines 43mm F++ $22.50
481 Conus wittigi Indonesia 30-32mm F+/F++ SOLD OUT
1277 Conus xanthocinctus Brasil 51mm-58mm F++/G $40.00
922 Conus ximenes Panama 27mm F+++ SOLD OUT
137 Conus zeylanicus Madagascar 60mm F++ $6.00