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There are 42 item(s) in Cassidae.

  Seashells family: Cassidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
1613 Casmaria erinacea erinacea Madagascar 33mm-37mm F++/G $4.00
1767 Casmaria ponderosa ponderosa Indonesia 43mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1859 Cassis cornuta Malaysia 113mm F/F+ SOLD OUT
699 Cassis nana Australia 56mm F++/G SOLD OUT
509 Cassis tuberosa Brasil 170-180mm G SOLD OUT
508 Cassis tuberosa Brasil 140-150mm G SOLD OUT
507 Cassis tuberosa Brasil 110-120mm G SOLD OUT
1857 Cypraecassis rufa Mauritius 145mm up F++ SOLD OUT
704 Cypraecassis rufa Indonesia 86mm F++/G , Dwarf . $15.00
705 Cypraecassis rufa Indonesia 165mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1735 Cypraecassis testiculus testiculus Brasil 49mm, 55mm F+/F++ SOLD OUT
686 Echinophoria wyvillei Japan 115mm F++ $50.00
696 Galeodea echinophora Italy 54mm F++ SOLD OUT
2582 Galeodea echinophora Japan 45mm,70mm F++ $6.00
692 Galeodea ferrarioi Somalia 76mm F++/G SOLD OUT
687 Galeodea keytieri Madagascar 71mm F++ $30.00
2206 Galeoocorys leucodoma Japan 56mm-63mm F++ $25-30.00
322 Phalium areola Mozambique 45mm F+/F++ SOLD OUT
1783 Phalium bandatum Indonesia 95mm up F+/F++ $8.00
693 Phalium bisulcatum Indonesia 40-45mm Gem $3-4.00
695 Phalium bisulcatum f. booleyi Indonesia 45-48mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2581 Phalium bisulcatum form japonica Japan 62mm Gem $8.00
828 Phalium bituberculosum Somalia 57-63mm F++/F+++ $8-10.00
662 Phalium faurotis Madagascar 40-42mm F++/G $4.00
2635 Phalium fimbria Mozambique 90mm F++ $150.00
347 Phalium flammiferum Taiwan 55mm F++ SOLD OUT
900 Phalium glaucum Mozambique 68mm F++ SOLD OUT
2223 Phalium Granulatum cicatricosum Brasil 58-78mm F++/G $6-10.00
691 Phalium inornata Japan 56-71mm F++ SOLD OUT
690 Phalium inornata Japan 46-57mm F++ $4-6.00
688 Phalium saburon Portugal 61mm F++/G $6.50
1924 Phalium semigranosum Australia 44mm F++ $18.00
907 Phalium umbilicata Hawaii 73mm F++/G $60.00
700 Phalium undulota Israel 61-70mm F++ SOLD OUT
694 Semicassis Craticulata Mozambique 50-51mm F++/G $10.00
948 Semicassis granulatum Brasil 50-53mm F++ $4.00
1798 Semicassis granulatum Brasil 67mm F++ SOLD OUT
378 Semicassis labiata iheringi Brasil 45-50mm F++/G $15.00
1799 Semicassis labiata iheringi Brasil 56-57mm F++/G $18.00
1800 Semicassis labiata iheringi Brasil 76mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2580 Semicassis labiata iheringi Brasil 75mm F++/G $90.00
698 Semicassis Pyrum New Zealand 63mm F++/G $8.00