All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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There are 42 item(s) in Buccinidae.

  Seashells family: Buccinidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
1058 Aeneator benthicola New Zealand 47mm F++ $10.00
1986 Aeneator castillai Chile 72mm F+ SOLD OUT
898 Afrocominella elongata S. Africa 25-37mm F+++ $5.00
2135 Americominella durtei Argentina 60mm F++ w/p ,Spines SOLD OUT
1316 Ancistrolepis grammatus Japan 99mm F+ $50.00
2087 Austrofusus glans New Zealand 61mm F++Growth line SOLD OUT
1227 Babylon sp Indonesia 55mm F++ SOLD OUT
2174 Babylonia feicheni JAPAN 80mm-85mm up F+/F++ $25-30.00
1792 Babylonia japonica W.Japan 83mm F++ SOLD OUT
1286 Babylonia japonica W.Japan 61-83mm F++ $7-15.00
578 Babylonia kirana Japan 48-50mm F+/F++ SOLD OUT
963 Babylonia spirata Pakistan 48mm F++ SOLD OUT
1440 Buccinum eucostoma Japan 78mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2263 Buccinum nipponensis Japan 92mm F++ SOLD OUT
2264 Buccinum nipponensis Japan 92mm F++ $35.00
1008 Buccinus sp (new speceies not yet describe) Madagascar 101mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1919 Cantharus elegans Mexico 36mm F++ SOLD OUT
1509 Cantharus subcostatus S. Africa 28mm F++ $10.00
1116 Cantharus tranquebaricus Indonesia 46mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2025 Cantharus vibex Panama 36-40mm F++ SOLD OUT
1501 Colubraria muricata Sanculo 59mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1399 Colubraria obscura Mozambique 43mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2313 Cominella maculosa New Zealand. 32-38mm F++ $4.00
2353 Cominella nassoides nassoides New Zealand 33mm F++ SOLD OUT
2614 Euthria javanica Indonesia 39-45mm F++ $15.00
1574 Euthria rolani Cape Verde 37mm F+++ $50.00
1400 Euthria solifer New Caledonia 52mm F++ SOLD OUT
2195 Japelion latus Korea 65mm,68mm F++ SOLD OUT
1499 Metula africana Senegal 41mm F++ $35.00
1247 Metula anfractura S.Brasil 36.5mm Giant-size Gem SOLD OUT
1657 Metula boswellae Mozambique 72mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1184 Nassaria coromandelica Somalia 48mm F++ SOLD OUT
318 Neptunea contraria Portugal 90mm F+/F++ SOLD OUT
661 Neptunea kuroshio Japan 80-90mm F/F+ $12.50
1297 Parancistrolepis kinoshitai Japan 90mm F++ SOLD OUT
398 Phos roseatus Mozambique 37mm F++/G $4.00
2660 Phos senticosus Australia 35mm F++/G $3.00
2355 Pisania auritula Brasil 24mm,25mm F++ $3.00
1754 Pisania pusio Brasil 25mm F++ $2.50
786 Pisania pusio Philippines 33mm F++ $4.00
2216 Siphonalia sp Japan 36mm F++ $10.00
2227 Trajana acapulcana Mexico 18-22mm F++ $2.50