All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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There are 79 item(s) in Pectinidae.

  Seashells family: Pectinidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
2040 Aequipecten lineolaris Honduras 44mm F++ $11.00
1189 Amusium japonicum Japan 100mm F/F+ SOLD OUT
247 Amusium Laurentii Honduras 47mm F+ SOLD OUT
235 Annachlamys flabellata Australia 55mm F+ $5.00
1985 Annachlamys macassarensis Philippines 43mm F++ SOLD OUT
2041 Argopecten gibbu USA 33-37mm F++ $2.50
1826 Argopecten irradians USA 33mm F++ $7.50
313 Argopecten purpuratus Peru 44mm F+++ SOLD OUT
2661 Argopecten purpuratus (orange) ArgentIina 53mm,58mm F++/G $40.00
871 Bractechlamys vexillum Philippines 46mm (Big size) F++ SOLD OUT
493 Caribachlamys ornata Brasil 20-24mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1863 Chlamvs sentis USA 23mm up F++ $5.00
1966 Chlamys asperima S. Australia 37mm F++/G SOLD OUT
792 Chlamys atkinos W. Australia 31mm F++ $8.00
783 Chlamys australis W. Australia 99mm F++ $10.00
718 Chlamys benedicti Brasil 14mm (Big Size) Gem SOLD OUT
1967 Chlamys delicatula New Zealand 53mm F++ $18.00
1960 Chlamys diffenbachi New Zealand 39mm F++ $18.00
1755 Chlamys gemmulata New Zealand 40mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1032 Chlamys islandica Iceland 79mm F++ SOLD OUT
977 Chlamys Jousseaumei Japan 20mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1862 Chlamys lentiginisa Philippines 34mm up F++ $3.50
713 Chlamys multiaquamata Curacao 47mm F++/G SOLD OUT
711 Chlamys multisquamata Curacao 45mm F++/G SOLD OUT
849 Chlamys multistriatus Canary Isl. 21mm F++ SOLD OUT
1825 Chlamys rubida USA 35mm F++ $6.50
1029 Chlamys senatoria Philippines 68mm F++/G SOLD OUT
336 Chlamys varia Portugal 43mm F++ $3.00
230 Chlamys varia Portugal 54mm F++ $3.00
2003 Chlamys zelandiae New Zealand 23mm F++ $18.00
314 Comptopallium radula New Caledonia 56mm F+++ $4.00
715 Comtopallium radula Indonesia 89mm F++ $10.00
2004 Decadopecten plica Philippines 29mm F++/G SOLD OUT
710 Decatopecten amiculum Thailand 38-39mm F++/G $6.00
1389 Decatopecten amiculum Thailand 30-32mm F++/G $5.00
793 Euvola ziczac Brasil 67mm F+ SOLD OUT
706 Flexopecten proteus Italy 51mm F+++ SOLD OUT
872 Laevichlamys squamosa Philippines 39mm F++/G (Red) SOLD OUT
976 Leptopecten tumbezensis W. Panama 38mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1608 Libdapecten tehuelchus Brasil 31-53mm F++ $7.00
1606 Lindapecten Muscosus Florida 40mm F++ SOLD OUT
1047 Lyropecten corallinoides Canary Isl. 34mm F++ $27.00
1388 Lyropecten nodosa USA 83mm F++ SOLD OUT
1046 Lyropecten subnodosus USA 160mm-167mm F+/++ SOLD OUT
1777 Lyropecten subnodosus USA 149mm F+ SOLD OUT
873 Manupecten pesfelis Spain 39mm F++ $10.00
2577 Mimachlamys asperrima Australia 70mm F++ $10.00
2027 Mimachlamys squamosa Philippines 37mm,48mm F++ $15.00
2024 Minnivola pyxidatus Philippines 59mm F++ $7.00
1331 Mirapecten mirificus Philippines 36mm F+ SOLD OUT
2316 Nodipecten magnificus Ecuador 180-190mm F+/++ SOLD OUT
1662 Nodipecten nodosus Colombia 63mm F++ SOLD OUT
1119 Pecten aequisulcatus W. Mexico 72mm F++ $3.50
714 Pecten dianae Japan 39mm F++/G $12.00
1711 Pecten diegensis USA 68mm F++ $25.00
1607 Pecten maximus France 80mm F++/G SOLD OUT
224 Pecten nobilis Brasil 80mm F++ $7.00
887 Pecten nodosus Carribean 77mm F++ $13.00
379 Pecten nodosus Brasil 45mm F++ $14.00
2039 Pecten novaezelandiae New Zealand 66mm F++ SOLD OUT
712 Pecten opercularis Italy 57mm F++/G SOLD OUT
269 Pecten pallium Thailand 60-65mm F++ $8-12.00
1443 Pecten pallium Japan 52mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1012 Pecten pesfelis Italy 67-75mm F++/G $25.00
2222 Pecten plicus Japan 40-42mm F++ SOLD OUT
716 Pecten rastellum Indonesia 31mm F++/G $10.00
2138 Pecten speciosa Japan 41mm up F++ $15.00
2162 Pecten speciosa (yellow) Japan 32-37mm F++/G $30.00
2161 Pecten superbus Japan 45mm-50mm Gem $20-28.00
2205 Pecten swifti Japan 98mm F++ $12.00
238 Proteopecten glaber Italy 82mm G $7.00
717 Proteopecten glaber Italy 37-39mm F++/G $3.00
564 Pseudamussium septemradium Spain 35-38mm F++ $8.00
2666 Semipallium natans (very rare color) S.Argentina 85mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2665 Semipallium natans (very rare color) S.Argentina 75mm F++/G $75.00
2086 Talochlamys zelandiae New zealand 39mm F++ $5.00
2111 Zigochlamys lischkei Uruguay 60mm-70mm F+/F++ $15.00
2344 Zygochlamys lischkei Chile 45mm F++ $95.00
2110 Zygochlamys patagonicus Chile 73mm F++/G SOLD OUT