All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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There are 147 item(s) in Volutidae.

  Seashells family: Volutidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
2361 Adelomelon ancilla Uruguay 158-165mm F+ SOLD OUT
1319 Adelomelon beckii Brasil 41cm,42cm,48cm F+, F++ SOLD OUT
1974 Adelomelon magellanica Uruguay 155mm F/F+ SOLD OUT
1182 Alcithoe arabica New Zealand 119mm F+ SOLD OUT
2273 Alcithoe fusus New Zealand 70mm F++/G SOLD OUT
180 Amoria damoni W. Australia 88mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1656 Amoria damoni W. Astralia 103mm F++ SOLD OUT
2699 Amoria damoni ludbrookae Australia, 97mm,-116mm F++ $30,60.0
1681 Amoria dampieria Australia 29mm F+ $10.00
167 Amoria ellioti W. Australia 71mm F+++ SOLD OUT
176 Amoria exoptanda S. Australia 105mm F++ SOLD OUT
674 Amoria grayi Australia 90mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1157 Amoria guttata S. Australia 39mm F+++ SOLD OUT
673 Amoria jamrachi Australia 65mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1703 Amoria keatsiana Australia 102mm F++ SOLD OUT
162 Amoria maculata Australia 38-41mm F++ $12.00
161 Amoria maculata Australia 58-62mm F++ $18.00
320 Amoria molleri Australia 65mm-71mm F++ $12.00
174 Amoria molleri Australia 101mm F++ SOLD OUT
1785 Amoria newmanae Australia 64mm F++ SOLD OUT
1704 Amoria praetexta Australia 38mm F+ $22.00
2093 Amoria turneri Australia 65-75mm F+/F++ $30.00
561 Amoria undulata Australia 83-85mm F++/G SOLD OUT
234 Amoria zebra Australia 41mm F+++ $10.00
1381 Amoria zebra Australia 52mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2094 Amoris urneri form newmanae Australia 74mm,79mm F++ $70.00
206 Ampulla priamus Portugal 66mm F++ $20.00
330 Ampulla priamus Portugal 72mm F++ SOLD OUT
2675 Ampulla(Halia) priamus Spain 48mm F++ $8.00
1425 Benthovoluta krigei Mozambique 66mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2574 Cymbiola aulica Philippines 47mm F++ $25.00
2638 Cymbiola aulica(Big size) Philippines 154mm F++ SOLD OUT
787 Cymbiola chrysostoma Indonesia 64mm F++/G $150.00
2674 Cymbiola chrysostoma Indonesia 54mm F++/G $100.00
2671 Cymbiola chrysostoma Indonesia 61mm F++/G $150.00
2672 Cymbiola chrysostoma Indonesia 47mm F++/G $60.00
153 Cymbiola cymbiola Indonesia 60-69mm F++ $55.00
152 Cymbiola cymbiola Indonesia 73mm F++ SOLD OUT
2673 Cymbiola cymbiola Indonesia 77mm F++ $50.00
2668 Cymbiola cymbiola (deep brown) Indonesia 68mm F++ $180.00
2669 Cymbiola cymbiola (deep brown) Indonesia 68mm F++ SOLD OUT
2667 Cymbiola cymbiola (deep brown) Indonesia 50-55mm F++ $75.00
2670 Cymbiola cymbiola (deep brown) Indonesia 69mm F+/G $220.00
163 Cymbiola houarti Australia 51mm F+++ SOLD OUT
679 Cymbiola imperialis form robinsona Philippines 138mm F++ SOLD OUT
841 Cymbiola innexa Indonesia 93-140mm F+/++ $20-40.00
562 Cymbiola innexa (dark form) Indonesia 90-100mm F+/++ SOLD OUT
2640 Cymbiola malayensis (vespertilio) Philippines 74mm F+++ SOLD OUT
2656 Cymbiola matiensis. Philippines 110mm-115mm F++ $30.00
2145 Cymbiola nobilis Indonesia 160mm F+ $8.00
2254 Cymbiola nobilis octagona Indonesia 107mm F++ $35.00
2639 Cymbiola palawanica Philippines 77mm Gem SOLD OUT
909 Cymbiola pulchra complexa (orange form) E. Australia 63-70mm F+++ SOLD OUT
672 Cymbiola sophia Indonesia 64mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2576 Cymbiola tamariskae Indonesia 112mm F++ $50.00
386 Cymbiola verspertilio Philippines 59mm F+++ $7.00
2631 Cymbiola vespertilio Indonesia 45mm F+++ $50.00
1359 Cymbiola vespertilio Indonesia 70,95mm F+ SOLD OUT
171 Cymbiola vespertilio Indonesia 70-72mm F++ $7.00
2688 Cymbiola vespertilio(black form) Indonesia 90mm F+/F++ SOLD OUT
908 Cymbiolista hunteri (Amoria) Australia 124mm F+ SOLD OUT
1188 Cymbium Cymbium Morocco 87-99mm F+ $10.00
1311 Cymbium glans Senegal 205mm F++ SOLD OUT
2360 Cymbium marmoratum Senegal 134mm F+ $10.00
172 Cymbium olla Spain 71mm F++ $9.00
173 Cymbium olla Portugal 86-100mm F++ $12.00
214 Ericusa fulgetra Australia 140mm F+++ SOLD OUT
213 Ericusa papillosa Australia 112mm F+++ SOLD OUT
178 Ericusa sericata Australia 92mm F+++ $15.00
158 Festilyria duponti Mozambique 124mm F+ SOLD OUT
2628 Festilyria festiva Somalia 185mm F++ SOLD OUT
169 Festilyria queketti Mozambique 57-60mm F++ $20.00
779 Fulgoraria clara noguchi Japan 86-90mm F++, G $15.00
187 Fulgoraria concina Japan 114mm F+ SOLD OUT
186 Fulgoraria concinna Japan 158-160mm F++ $48.00
307 Fulgoraria hamillei Japan 106-110mm F++ SOLD OUT
678 Fulgoraria hirasei Japan 183mm F++ SOLD OUT
2168 Fulgoraria humerosa China 135mm up F+ $40.00
170 Fulgoraria kaneko form Yamamotoi Japan 180mm F++ $100.00
2259 Fulgoraria megaspira Japan 104mm F/F+ $50.00
1345 Fusivoluta barnardi S. Africa 124mm F++ SOLD OUT
350 Fusivoluta blaizei S. Africa 59mm F+ $99.00
676 Fusivoluta pyrrhostoma S. Africa 53-58mm F++ $130.00
179 Harpolina loroisii India 89-92mm F++ $10.00
2137 Harpulina arausiaca Sri Lanka 63-70mm F+ SOLD OUT
806 Harpulina lapponica India 65mm F+ SOLD OUT
177 Iredalina mirabilis New Zealand 103mm F++ SOLD OUT
1670 Livonia roadnightae S.Australia 117mm F++ SOLD OUT
2328 Lyria africana South Africa 83mm F++/G SOLD OUT
164 Lyria delessertiana Madagascar 58mm F+++ SOLD OUT
188 Lyria kurodai Vietnam 104-105mm F+ SOLD OUT
181 Lyria kurodai Vietnam 99-103mm F++ SOLD OUT
681 Lyria lyraeformis E. Africa 110mm F++ SOLD OUT
166 Lyria planicostata Philippines 63mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2629 Lyria taiwanica Philippins 74mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1696 Lyria tulearensis Madagascar 51mm Gem SOLD OUT
825 Melo aethiopica (red lip) Indonesia 232mm F+ $100.00
2684 Melo Amphora Indonesia 16-17 inch(406mm) F+/F++ $150.00
1309 Melo amphora Indonesia 12 inch (304mm) F++ $35.00
2694 Melo amphora Indonesia 5 inch-7 inch (127mm-177mm) F++ $8.00
2695 Melo amphora Indonesia 8 inch-9 inch (203mm-228mm) F++ $15.00
2693 Melo Amphora Indonesia 12.5 inch (316mm) F+/F++ SOLD OUT
2655 Melo amphora Indonesia 350mm (13.8 inc) F+ $35.00
1317 Melo amphora (17.5 inch) Indonesia 17.5 inch (444mm) F++ SOLD OUT
2258 Melo broderipi Indonesia 250mm F+/F++ $30.00
2164 Melo umbilicatus Indonesia 275mmup(11inc) F++ $20.00
168 Nannamoria parabola Australia 32mm F++ $25.00
1124 Neptuneopsis gilchristi S. Africa 127mm F++ SOLD OUT
560 Notovoluta gardneri Australia 72-75mm F++/G $45.00
1031 Odontocymbiola americana Brasil 30mm F+++ SOLD OUT
156 Odontocymbiola cleryana Brasil 41-44mm F++/G $10.00
944 Odontocymbiola macaensis Brasil 50-66mm F++ $50.00
1887 Odontocymbiola magellanica Uruguay 165mm F++ $65.00
1973 Odontocymbiola magellanica Uruguay 230mm F++ SOLD OUT
1278 Odontocymbiola saotomensis Brasil 59mm F++ $100.00
1030 Odontocymbiola saotomensis Brasil 58mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1956 Pachycymbiola brasiliana Uruguay 129mm F+ $15.00
1500 Plicoliva zelindae Brasil 28mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1517 Scaphella junonia USA 86mm-114mm F+ SOLD OUT
677 Sigaluta pratasensis China Sea 56mm F++ $30.00
1640 Teramachia smithi Philippines 145.5mm F+++ $80.00
1061 Voluta  baby melo Indonesia 37mm F++ $9.00
2363 Voluta americana Brasil 49-53mm F++ SOLD OUT
1705 Voluta demarcoi Honduras 83mm F++ SOLD OUT
2136 Voluta ebraea Brasil 104mm F++ SOLD OUT
505 Voluta ebraea Brasil 168-174mm F+/F++ SOLD OUT
506 Voluta ebraea Brasil 120-130m F++ $50.00
2362 Voluta ebraea Brasil 103-113mm F++ $40.00
1424 Voluta ebraea dwarf Brasil 30mm Gem SOLD OUT
658 Voluta hilli Honduras 71mm F++ SOLD OUT
2689 Voluta imperialis Philippines 160mm F++ SOLD OUT
175 Voluta musica West Indies 53-56mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1382 Voluta retimirabilis Honduras 79mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1423 Voluta semirrugata Mozambique 38mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1324 Voluta Small melo Indonesia 67-102mm F++ SOLD OUT
273 Voluta verconis S. Australia 35mm G SOLD OUT
1707 Voluta virescens lacertina Colombia 34mm F++/G SOLD OUT
671 Voluta (Notovoluta) kreuslerae S. Australia 65mm F+ SOLD OUT
151 Volutoconus bednalli Indonesia 140mm F++ SOLD OUT
2677 Volutoconus bednalli Indonesia 132mm F++ SOLD OUT
306 Volutoconus bednalli Indonesia 126mm F++ $130.00
305 Volutoconus bednalli Indonesia 110-118mm F++ SOLD OUT
294 Volutoconus grossi Australia 56mm F++ $12.00
680 Volutoconus hargreavesi W. Australia 75mm F+ $100.00
165 Volutocorbis abyssicola S. Africa 97mm F++ SOLD OUT
945 Volutocorbis boswellae f. magister S. Africa 49mm F++ $55.00
675 Zidona dufresneyi Brasil 180mm-225mm F+/++ SOLD OUT