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There are 55 item(s) in Trochidae.

  Seashells family: Trochidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
22 Angaria delphinus Indonesia 50-55mm F++ $6.00
1599 Angaria Delphinus formosa Japan 37mm F++ SOLD OUT
23 Angaria tyria W. Australia 40mm F++ SOLD OUT
1591 Angaria vicdani Philippines 45mm,54mm F+++ SOLD OUT
7 Bathybembix crumpii Japan 32-34mm F++/G $8.00
1435 Bolma tayloriana Japan 69mm F++ SOLD OUT
1556 Calliostoma annulatum California 21mm F++/G SOLD OUT
5 Calliostoma bulliara Australia 20-30mm F+++ $6.00
1 Calliostoma canaliculata USA 28-32mm F+++ $18.00
9 Calliostoma conulum Italy 18-20mm F++ $5.00
1097 Calliostoma coppingeri major Argentina 10mm F++ $10.00
1074 Calliostoma gemmosum Brasil 13mm F++ SOLD OUT
1160 Calliostoma granulatum Italy 25mm F+/F++ $6.00
1106 Calliostoma gronulatum Italy 22mm F++ SOLD OUT
3 Calliostoma haliarchus Japan 38-45mm F+++ $45.00
1926 Calliostoma jujubinum USA 23mm F+ SOLD OUT
2607 Calliostoma ligatum USA 14-15mm h. F++ $4.00
964 Calliostoma militaris Brasil 26 - 40mm F++ $20-50.00
2352 Calliostoma moscatellii Brasil 27mm F++/G $20.00
2088 Calliostoma punctulatum New Zealand 27mm F++ SOLD OUT
8 Calliostoma scotti Somaly 30mm F++ $10.00
11 Calliostoma selectum New Zealand 51mm F++ SOLD OUT
4 Calliostoma vinosum Brasil 24-26mm F++ $15.00
2272 Cantharidus purpureus New Zealand 25mm F++ $4.00
14 Clanculus margaritarius Singapore 14mm F+++ $1.00
1889 Clanculus pharaonius Egypt 18mm F++/G SOLD OUT
12 Clanculus puniceus Africa 19-22mm F++/G $4.00
1027 Diloma (Oxystele) variegata S. Africa 18-20mm F++/G $3.00
459 Gaza olivacea Columbia 39-42mm F++ SOLD OUT
458 Gaza superba USA 32-34mm F++ SOLD OUT
1740 Gibbula fanulum Portugal 11-14mm F+/F++ $3, 6.00
85 Gibbula magus Italy 26-29mm F++ $3.00
1786 Gibbula obliquata Portugal 14mm F++ SOLD OUT
1741 Jujubinus exasperatus Portugal 8mm F+/F++ $4.00
6 Lischkeia alwinae Japan 43mm F++/G $9.50
665 Maurea punctulata New Zealand 24-28mm F++ $5.00
1787 Monodonta cf. edulis Canary Isl. 20mm F++ SOLD OUT
1992 Monodonta turbinata Spain 20mm F++ $2.00
16 Oxystele variegata Africa 17-20mm F++/G $3.00
2559 Phasianotrochus eximius Australia 24mm F++ $4.00
1830 Tectus dentatus Egypt L.45mm,H35mm F++ SOLD OUT
1766 Tectus pyramis Indonesia 49mm F++ $5.50
1724 Tectus triserialis Indonesia 50mm F+/F++ $6.50
1534 Tectus (Rochia) conus Indonesia 69mm F++ SOLD OUT
2214 Trochus californicum Indonesia L.28mm,H.20mm F++ SOLD OUT
2028 Trochus hanleyanus Indonesia 51mm F++ SOLD OUT
1797 Trochus maculatus verrucosus Indonesia 44mm-51mm F++ SOLD OUT
1752 Trochus niloticus New Caledonia 37mm,43mm F+, F++ $4-8.00
1647 Trochus nodulosus Philippines 21mm F++ $6.00
901 Trochus sp Indonesia 43-45mm F++/F+++ SOLD OUT
1765 Trochus stellatus Indonesia 39mm F++ SOLD OUT
2310 Trochus viridis New Zealand 21mm,23mm F++ $4.00
13 Turcica coreensis Japan 21mm F++/G $9.00
1678 Umbonium guamensis Vietnam 22mm F++ $5.00
1222 Umbonium sp Philippines 10mm F++ $10.00