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There are 53 item(s) in Strombidae.

  Seashells family: Strombidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
2146 Lambis chiragra Indonesia 127mm F++ $12.00
41 Lambis crocata Philippines 112-116mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1479 Lambis digitata E. Africa 142mm F++ $25.00
42 Lambis lambis (freak) Indonesia 100mm F++ $30.00
1307 Lambis millepeda Philippines 143mm F++ $4.00
40 Strombus alatus USA 87mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1716 Strombus aratrum Indonesia 85mm F+ SOLD OUT
973 Strombus aurisdianae Indonesia 49-53mm F++/G $3.00
35 Strombus aurisdianae Philippines 59-62mm F+++ $5.00
1997 Strombus bulla Australia 53mm F+ $5.00
1845 Strombus canarium Philippines 34-36mm F++ $3.00
1876 Strombus canarium isabella Philippines 62mm F++ SOLD OUT
1100 Strombus chrysostomus Philippines 61mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1984 Strombus d. raybaudi Turkey 46mm F++ SOLD OUT
1666 Strombus decorus decorus Madagascar 53mm F+ $5.00
804 Strombus dentatus Mozambique 50mm F++ $6.50
1622 Strombus dilatatus swainsoni Vietnam 71mm F++ SOLD OUT
37 Strombus epidromis Indonesia 65-68mm F+++ SOLD OUT
222 Strombus erythrinus Mozambique 29mm F++/G $5.00
805 Strombus fusiformis Mozambique 39mm F++/F+++ $12.00
1302 Strombus gallus Caribbean 119mm F++ $15.00
207 Strombus gallus Brasil 112mm G SOLD OUT
1706 Strombus gibberulus Indonesia 51mm F++ SOLD OUT
1764 Strombus gibberulus albus Egypt 52mm F++ SOLD OUT
778 Strombus goliath Brasil 50-131mm F+++ SOLD OUT
2021 Strombus grannulatus Galapagos Islands 36mm F++ $10.00
385 Strombus labiatus Thailand 40mm F+++ $3.00
266 Strombus latus W. Africa 105mm F++ $25.00
1946 Strombus luhuanus Philippines 56mm F++ $2.00
36 Strombus marginatus septimus Indonesia 40-45mm F++/G SOLD OUT
925 Strombus minimus New Guinea 33mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1308 Strombus oldi Somalia 119mm F++ $55.00
267 Strombus peruvianus USA 111mm F++ SOLD OUT
830 Strombus plicatus columba Mozambique 40-43mm F++ $5.00
43 Strombus pugilis USA 75mm F++ SOLD OUT
972 Strombus pugilis Brasil 83mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1734 Strombus raninus Brasil 96mm F++ SOLD OUT
851 Strombus sinuatus Philippines 101mm F+ $4.00
2221 Strombus tricornis Somalis 90-97mm F++ $15.00
1877 Strombus urceus Philippines 45mm up F++ $6.00
1480 Strombus Urceus ustulatus Thailand 58mm F++ SOLD OUT
38 Strombus vittatus Indonesia 72-75mm F++ $2.50
1875 Strombus vittatus campbelli W. Australia 55mm F++ $3.50
39 Strombus vomer Australia 58-60mm F++ $12.00
1301 Strombus (Tricornis) latissimus Indonesia 165mm F+ SOLD OUT
833 Strombus(Canarium) mutabilis Egypt 18-32mm F++ $3.00
832 Strombus(Lentigo) Fasciatus Egypt 31mm F++ SOLD OUT
829 Strombus(Tricornis) raninus Panama 50-63mm F++ SOLD OUT
1768 Terebellum terebellum New Guinea 42mm F+++ $4.00
1154 Tibia fusus fusus Philippines 240mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1621 Tibia fusus melanochellus (black teeth) Philippines 143mm F++ SOLD OUT
1313 Tibia insulaechorab Djibouti 141mm F+ SOLD OUT
864 Tibia martini Philippines 167mm F+++ $40.00