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There are 168 item(s) in Muricidae.

  Seashells family: Muricidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
255 Aspella obeliscus Panama 21mm F++ SOLD OUT
605 Aspella platylaevis Australia 10mm F++ $6.00
227 Babelomurex neocaledonicus New Caledonia 33mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1617 Bedeva blosvillei Philippines 47mm F++/G $4.00
102 Bolinus brandaris Italy 70-75mm F++ $8.00
1723 Bolinus brandaris Portugal 87mm-92mm F++ SOLD OUT
1125 Ceratostoma burnetti Japan 63mm,68mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1954 Ceratostoma burnetti Japan 75mm up F++/G $60.00
885 Ceratostoma foliatum USA 54mm Gem SOLD OUT
812 Ceratostoma fournieri Philippines 32mm,33mm F++ $7.00
1513 Ceratostoma inornatus France 42mm F++ SOLD OUT
1447 Chichoreus fosterorum S. Africa 42mm Gem SOLD OUT
1322 Chicomurex venustulus Philippines 30-31mm F++/G $7.50
58 Chicoreus aculeatus Philippines 35-45mm F++/G $4-6.00
1126 Chicoreus austramosus S. Africa 55mm F+++ SOLD OUT
74 Chicoreus axicornis Indonesia 50-65mm F++ $10.00
1385 Chicoreus beauii Brasil 85mm F+ SOLD OUT
1274 Chicoreus brevifrons Brasil 64mm F++/F+++ SOLD OUT
68 Chicoreus brevifrons Brasil 65mm up F++/G $12.00
840 Chicoreus brunneus Australia 76mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1522 Chicoreus bundharmai Vietnam 108mm F+++ $150.00
1334 Chicoreus celinamarumai Philippines 28mm F++ SOLD OUT
281 Chicoreus cichoreum Philippines 82mm F++ SOLD OUT
70 Chicoreus cnissodus Japan 57-60mm F+++ SOLD OUT
2613 Chicoreus coltrorum Brazil 50-51mm F+/++ $35.00
682 Chicoreus cornucervi Australia 88-95mm F++ $20.00
62 Chicoreus crocatus Philippines 50-55mm F++/G SOLD OUT
813 Chicoreus damicornis Australia 35mm F+ SOLD OUT
1015 Chicoreus dodongi Philippines 26mm F++ SOLD OUT
659 Chicoreus florifer USA 63mm F++/G $7.50
1610 Chicoreus laciniatus Philippines 51mm F++/G SOLD OUT
883 Chicoreus orchidifloris Japan 26mm F++ SOLD OUT
71 Chicoreus palmarosae Thailand 81mm,87mm F++/G $12.00
72 Chicoreus palmarosae Thailand 94mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1000 Chicoreus problematicus(superbus) Philippines 76mm F+++ $12.00
73 Chicoreus ramosus Thailand 96mm F++/G SOLD OUT
54 Chicoreus ramosus Thailand 70-72mm F++ $8.00
1521 Chicoreus rubiginosus Indonesia 103mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1330 Chicoreus saltatrix Philippines 36mm F++ SOLD OUT
1282 Chicoreus sauliae Philippines 85mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1940 Chicoreus senegalensis Brasil 71mm F++ SOLD OUT
2633 Chicoreus setionoi Indonesia 54mm F++/G $85.00
844 Chicoreus spectrum Brasil 102mm F++/G w/o $60.00
51 Chicoreus stainforthi Australia 50mm F++ $5.00
1103 chicoreus superbus Philippines 69mm F++/G $12.00
1576 Chicoreus superbus problematicus Philippines 72mm F++ SOLD OUT
1920 Chicoreus tenuivaricosum Brasil 57mm F++ $12.00
55 Chicoreus (Chicoreus) bundharmai Indonesia 43-50mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1951 Chicoreus (Siratus) coltrorum Brazil 54mm F++ $30.00
75 Chicoreus (Triplex) cervicornis Indonesia 42-50mm F++ $15.00
1019 Coronium coronatum Brasil 78mm(L) F++ $100.00
52 Drupa morum Indonesia 29mm F++/G $3.00
1584 Drupa morum iodostoma Narquesas Island. 38mm F++ SOLD OUT
1364 Drupa ricinus Mozamboque 27mm F++ $5 .00
76 Drupa (Ricinella) rubusidaeus Indonesia 30-34mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1585 Drupella cornus Philippines 20mm F++/G SOLD OUT
131 Durpa rubusidacus Indonesia 30mm F++/G $4.00
684 Eupleura muriciformis Peru 37-39mm F++ $8.00
2304 Eupleura nitida Panama 20mm F++ $3.00
1326 Favartia cirrosa Philippines 17mm F++ $25.00
1619 Favartia incisa Panama 20-21mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1505 Favartia minotaurus Mozambique 24mm F++/G $18.00
1638 Favartia pelepili Philippines 21mm F++ SOLD OUT
310 Forreria Belcheri USA 94mm F+ SOLD OUT
82 Haustellum barbieri Madagascar 94mm F++ $20.00
1601 Haustellum falax Mozambique 78mm F+ SOLD OUT
78 Haustellum hirasei Philippines 95-100mm F++/G $16.00
81 Haustellum langleitai Madagascar 82-85mm F++/G $15 , 20.00
83 Haustellum longicauodus Philippines 118mm F++/G SOLD OUT
84 Haustellum multiplicatus multiplicatus Indonesia 60-75mm F++, SOLD OUT
77 Haustellum multiplicatus multiplicatus Indonesia 55-57mm F++ SOLD OUT
1620 Hexaolex stainforthi Australia 49mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1911 Hexaplex duplex W. Africa 111mm F++ SOLD OUT
53 Hexaplex trunculus Greece 55mm F+ $3.00
845 Homalocantha anatomica Japan 52mm F+++ $35.00
1386 Homalocantha anatomica pele Hawaii 44mm F++/G $45.00
2017 Homalocantha fauroti Egypt 53mm F++ SOLD OUT
1017 Homalocantha oxycantha Ecuador. 46mm F++ SOLD OUT
566 Homalocantha scorpio Philippines 50-54mm F++/G $4.00
683 Homalocantha secunda Australia 33mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1490 Jaton decussatus Senegal 37mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2314 Lepsithais lacunosus New Zealand 45mm F++ SOLD OUT
2306 Murex aduncus Japan 50mm up F++/G $45.00
2271 Murex aduncus Japan 34mm up F++/G $30.00
1292 Murex angularis Senegal 88mm F+++ SOLD OUT
884 Murex brevifron Colombia 95-118mm F+++ SOLD OUT
2662 Murex clausii Philippines 52mm,62mm F++ $10.00
2243 Murex cnissodus Philippines 92mm F++ $25.00
1650 Murex cornutus Senegal 126mm F++ SOLD OUT
80 Murex haustellum Philippines 122mm F++ SOLD OUT
2200 Murex inornatum (w/o) USA 42mm F++/G $8.00
1201 Murex margarfensis Venezuela 94mm F++ SOLD OUT
1001 Murex orchidiflorus Philippines 39mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1281 Murex oxycantha Panama 29mm F++ SOLD OUT
2155 Murex pecten Indonesia 133mm F++/G $18.00
1291 Murex radix Panama 80mm F++ SOLD OUT
811 Murex rectirostris Taiwan 35-37mm F++ SOLD OUT
1101 Murex rubiginosus Australia 72mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1187 Murex saharicus Morocco 45-53mm F++ SOLD OUT
2366 Murex senegalensis Brasil 72mm F++ $15.00
2367 Murex tenuivaricosus Brasil 70-79mm F++ $15.00
2199 Murex torrefactus Indonesia 114mm F++/G $8.00
79 Murex trapa Indonesia 89-92mm F++/G SOLD OUT
56 Murex (Homalocantha) zamboi Indonesia 50mm F++ SOLD OUT
1941 Murexiella lappa Panama 25mm F++ $12.00
1641 Murexiella vittata Panama 27mm F++/G $22.00
1784 Muricanthus angularis Senegal 32mm, 35mm F++ SOLD OUT
1612 Muricanthus princeds Panama 46mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1611 Muricopsis armatus Panama 19-24mm F++ $3.00
1351 Muricopsis oxytatus USA 36mm F++ SOLD OUT
65 Naquetia annandalei Philippines 80mm F+++ SOLD OUT
282 Naquetia annandalei Philippines 76-85mm F++ $20.00
1502 Neorapana grandis Galapagos Is. 58mm F++/G SOLD OUT
61 Neorapana muricata USA 43-45mm F++ SOLD OUT
667 Neothais scalaris New Zealand 56mm F+ SOLD OUT
1439 Nucella lamellosa U.S.A 45-46mm F++/G $6.00
1727 Nucella lapillus Portugal 25mm-28mm F+/F++ $2-6.00
774 Nucella (Trochia) cingulata South Africa 28-33mm F++/G $8.00
408 Ocenebra erinacea Italy 32mm F++ $10.00
1630 Ocenebra erinaceus Yugoslavia 48mm F++/G SOLD OUT
617 Orania walkeri Philippines 7-9mm F++ SOLD OUT
775 Phyllonotus erythrostoma Mexico 105mm F++/F+++ SOLD OUT
1731 Phyllonotus pomum Guadeloupe 82mm F++ $8.00
846 Phyllonotus pomum U.S.A 60mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1583 Poirieria zelandica New Zealand 48mm F++/G $10.00
839 Pterochelus triformis S. Australia 38mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1730 Pteropurpura aduncus Japan 25-27mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1699 Pteropurpura festiva Callifornia 42-44mm F++/G $8.00
1618 pteropurpura festivus California 35mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1688 Pteropurpura macropterus USA 56mm F++ SOLD OUT
1421 Pteropurpura plorator Japan 35-40mm F++/G $20.00
1663 Pteropurpura trialata California 60mm F++ SOLD OUT
1629 Pteropurpura vokesae California 41mm F++/G $35.00
403 Pteropurpura (Poropteron) uncinaria Africa 18-20mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1743 Pterynotus bednalli W.Australia 44mm F++ SOLD OUT
1378 Pterynotus elongatus Nacala Bay. 80mm F++/G SOLD OUT
67 Pterynotus loebbeckei miyokoae Philippines 32-37mm F++/G $10.00
1016 Pterynotus loebbeckei miyokoae E. Malaysia 40mm up F++ SOLD OUT
1323 Pterynotus loebbeckei miyokoae Philippines 50mm up F++/G $40.00
1102 Pterynotus pellucidus Philippines 34mm F++ SOLD OUT
1541 Purpura persica Indonesia 81mm F++ SOLD OUT
685 Purpurellus gambiensis Senegal 40-45mm F++ $10.00
21 Rapa sp. Philippines 30-32mm F+++ SOLD OUT
899 Rapana rapiformis Indonesia 61mm-69mm F+/F++ SOLD OUT
1071 Rapana venosa Japan 54mm F+ $10.00
1325 Siratus alabaster Philippines 121mm F++ SOLD OUT
64 Siratus cailleti kugleri Puerto Rico 55mm F+++ SOLD OUT
69 Siratus elliscrossi Japan 71mm F++/G $40.00
63 Siratus springeri Brasil 70mm F++/G SOLD OUT
932 Siratus tenuivaricosus carioca Brasil 73mm F++/G SOLD OUT
563 Siratus venustulus Philippines 38-45mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1993 Spinidrupa spinosa Philippines 26mm F++ SOLD OUT
1763 Stramonita haemastoma floridana Brasil 31-38mm F++ SOLD OUT
2365 Thais haemastoma Uruguay 50-58-66mm F+/F++ $3-3.50
66 Thais sp Japan 30mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1950 Thais (Stramonita) rustica Brazil 32mm F++ $5.00
2127 Trophon acanthodes Uruguay 115mm F+ w/o SOLD OUT
1036 Trophon cf.geversianus Argentina 31mm F+ SOLD OUT
1867 Trophon fraseri W. Africa 35mm F++ $25.00
1912 Trophon geversianus Argentina 82mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1913 Trophon geversianus Argentina 50mm ,56mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2663 Trophon geversianus(Giant) S.Argentina 85mm F++ $220.00
2664 Trophon geversianus(pretty) S.Argentina 70mm F++ $195.00
1261 Trophon pelseneeri Brasil 23mm-33mm F++ $30.00
985 Typhis bullisi Colombia 26mm F++ SOLD OUT
960 Typhis (Typhina) clerii Brasil 19-28mm F++ SOLD OUT
1096 Urosaplink rushi Uruguay 26mm F++ SOLD OUT
2023 Vitularia salebrosa Ecuador 23mm F++ $7.00