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There are 54 item(s) in Marginellidae.

  Seashells family: Marginellidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
1535 Afrivoluta pringlei S. Africa 110mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1148 Bullata analuciae Brasil 27-32mm Gem SOLD OUT
2230 Bullata largillieri Salvador 37mm Gem $40.00
1758 Bullata lilacina Brasil 25-27mm F++ $12.00
1527 Closia elegans Thailand 37mm-40mm Gem SOLD OUT
2327 eratoidea margarita Venezuela 6mm Gem $25.00
988 Marginella accola Panama 20mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1737 Marginella adansoni Senegal 25mm Gem SOLD OUT
225 Marginella ansonae Mozambique 21mm G $15.00
1738 Marginella aurantia Senegal 18mm F++ $5.50
1504 Marginella beltmani S. Africa 30mm Gem SOLD OUT
1072 Marginella bullata Brasil 46,56,57mm,76mm F+++ $8, 20.00
1528 Marginella cleryi Senegal 22mm Gem $10.00
1427 Marginella confortinii S. Africa 21-22mm Gem $20.00
616 Marginella deliciosa efasciata Africa 10mm F++/G SOLD OUT
160 Marginella desjardini Senegal 44mm G $5.00
915 Marginella diadocus S. Africa 20-22mm F+/F++ $20.00
2231 Marginella floccata S. Africa 23mm Gem $6.00
1581 Marginella fulminata Brasil 16mm Gem $15.00
613 Marginella gibbosa Somalia 8-9mm F++/G $7.50
1143 Marginella glabella Senegal 32-34mm F++ $6.00
1142 Marginella goodalli Senegal 25-27mm Gem SOLD OUT
1357 Marginella harp. harpaeformis Senegal 19mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1921 Marginella irrorata Senegal 37mm up F++/G $5.50
316 Marginella joanmassieri S. Africa 13mm F++ $5.00
614 Marginella kerochuta S. Africa 9mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1336 Marginella lineolata S.Africa 25-30mm F++/G $20.00
949 Marginella lutea S. Africa 20mm F+/G SOLD OUT
1451 Marginella marginata Brasil 22mm Gem $6.50
1141 Marginella matthewsi Brasil 45mm Gem $30.00
1450 Marginella mosaica S. Africa 25-27mm Gem $50.00
1487 Marginella musica S. Africa 22mm-23mm F++/G $20.00
1203 Marginella nebulosa S. Africa 38mm Gem $15.00
333 Marginella ornata S. Africa 22-24mm F++/G SOLD OUT
606 Marginella peelae S. Africa 20mm F++ $20.00
701 Marginella peelae S. Africa 20mm F++ $10.00
348 Marginella piperata S. Africa 14mm F++ $5.00
1488 Marginella pseudosebastiani Guinea-Bissau 52mm Gem $25.00
607 Marginella pulchella Australia 7mm F++ SOLD OUT
1689 Marginella rosea S. Africa 25mm Gem SOLD OUT
157 Marginella sebastiani W. Africa 36mm, F++/G SOLD OUT
1219 Marginella sebastiani Sengal 64mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1073 Marginella senegalensis Morocco 26mm F++/G $15.00
1128 Marginella spryi Mozambique 8mm F++/G $8.00
1140 Marginella ventricosa Thailand 25mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2281 Marginella werneri S.Africa 26mm Gem SOLD OUT
1658 Maroinella desjardini Senegal 42mm Gem SOLD OUT
1659 Maroinella seneoalensis N.W. Africa 26mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1823 Persicula robusta Guine_Bissau 23mm F++ SOLD OUT
1616 Prunum martini Brasil 27-35-39mm F++/G $10-15.00
1922 Prunum prunum Uruguay 27mm up F++/G $10.00
703 Prunum sapotilla Venezuella 28mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1192 Prunum terverianum Israel 6-8mm F++/G $6.00
1162 Volvarina philippinarum Philippines 14mm Gem $6.00