All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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There are 37 item(s) in Helicidae.

  Seashells family: Helicidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
1079 Arianta arbustorum Europe 22mm-24mm F++ $3.00
2450 Ariantha arbustorum Slovakia 22-23mm F++ $3.00
395 Cepaea horteisis fusiolabiata Slovakia 13-16mm F++ $3.00
517 Cepaea hortensis Solvakia 20mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1276 Cepaea nemoralis Czech Republic about 20mm F++ SOLD OUT
819 Cepaea nemoralis France 20-24mm F+/G SOLD OUT
443 Cepaea vindobonensis Ukraine 18-22mm F+++ $4.00
1080 Cepaea vindobonensis Europe 20-23mm F++ $3.50
2332 Cepaea vindobonensis Slovakia 20-25mm F++ $3.50
345 Chilostoma cingulatum Slovakia 19mm F+ $2.50
2464 Chilostoma (Faustina) cingulella Slovakia 16mm F++ SOLD OUT
2455 Cochlicella acuta Greece 13mm F++ $3.00
532 Eobania vermiculata Israel 27mm F+++ SOLD OUT
554 Ermina desertorum Israel 17-19mm F++ $1.00
2458 Faustina faustina Slovakia 18mm F++ $3.00
923 Faustina faustina Slovakia 14mm F++ $3.00
2331 Helicigona Faustina Slovakia 20mm F++ $3.00
2460 Helicodonta obvoluta Slovakia 13mm+ F++ $5.00
2441 Helicodonta obvoluta Slovakia 12mm F++ $3.00
1928 Helix aspersa Spain 32mm up F++ SOLD OUT
1243 Helix engaddenis Israel 33mm F++ $3.00
2330 Helix lutescens Slovakia 30-35mm F++ $3.00
2375 Helix lutescens Slovakia 29mm F++ $3.50
2333 Helix pomatia Slovakia 35-50mm F++ , w/p $3.00
241 Helix pomatia Slovakia 45mm F++ SOLD OUT
2610 Iberus alonensis Spain 34-38mm F+/++ $5.00
890 Iberus gualtieranus Spain 40-44mm F++ $8.00
2611 Iberus gualtierianus loxanus Spain 21mm up F+/++ $6.00
2609 Iberus gualtiero-loxanus Spain 34-36mm F+ $25.00
2608 Iberus guiraoanus Spain 24-25mm F+/++ $15.00
2386 Isognomostoma isognomostoma Slovakia 10mm F++ $3.00
547 Levantina ispiriplana werneri Israel 29mm F++ $3.00
557 Levantina spiriplana lithophaga Israel 25-28mm F++ $2.00
2329 Lindholmia lens Greece 11-13mm F++ $3.50
2035 Monacha cartusiana Croatia 11mm F++ $3.00
463 Otala marocchensis Morocco 28-30mm F++ SOLD OUT
535 Theba pisana Israel 8-10mm F++ $2.00

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