All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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There are 145 item(s) in Camaenidae.

  Seashells family: Camaenidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
2173 Albersia granulata Indonesia 58mm F++ $25.00
2573 Albersia pubicepa Indonesia 30-31mm F++/G $15.00
2190 Albersia tenuis Indonesia 35mm F++ $15.00
2285 Amphidromus adamsii adamsii Malaysia 28mm F++ SOLD OUT
2288 Amphidromus adamsii Malaysia 28mm F++ SOLD OUT
2290 Amphidromus adamsii adamsii Malaysia 30mm F++ SOLD OUT
2616 Amphidromus adamsii duplocinctus Malaysia 23-25mm F++/G $25.00
2620 Amphidromus adamsii green form Malaysia 24mm up F++ $25.00
2286 Amphidromus adamsii luteofasciatus Malaysia 31mm F++ SOLD OUT
2287 Amphidromus adamsii subunicolor Malaysia 29mm F++ SOLD OUT
2618 Amphidromus adamsii subunicolor Malaysia 28mm F++ $25.00
769 Amphidromus buttoti Indonesia 41-47mm F++/G $12.00
1604 Amphidromus candidus Indonesia 35mm F++ $12.00
1675 Amphidromus chloris Philippines 49mm F++ SOLD OUT
2583 Amphidromus consobrinus Indonesia 28-33mm F+/++ $20.00
2619 Amphidromus contrarius Indonesia 45mm F++ $25.00
456 Amphidromus contrarius Indonesia 28-38mm F++/G $6.00
1693 Amphidromus contrarius hanieli Indonesia 29mm F++ $12.00
1694 Amphidromus contrarius nikiensis Indonesia 30mm F++ $12.00
2466 Amphidromus djajasasmitai Indonesia 33-38mm F++ SOLD OUT
2150 Amphidromus enganoensis Indonesia 45mm up F++ $8.00
461 Amphidromus filozonatus Indonesia 35-37mm F++/G $8.00
511 Amphidromus floresianus Indonesia 27-32mm F+++ SOLD OUT
510 Amphidromus furcillatus green colour form Indonesia 32-35mm F++/G $8.00
365 Amphidromus heerianus Indonesia 50-54mm F++/G $7.00
497 Amphidromus heerianus robusta Indonesia 48-52mm F++/G $7.00
435 Amphidromus inconstans gracilis Indonesia 30-35mm F++/G $10.00
2172 Amphidromus inversus andamensis Indonesia 38mm F++ $15.00
429 Amphidromus kruijti Indonesia 43-45mm F++/G $10.00
441 Amphidromus laevus Indonesia 30-34mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1321 Amphidromus latestrigatus Indonesia 30mm F++/G $20.00
1571 Amphidromus latestrigatus consobrinus Indonesia 33mm F++/G $30.00
2336 Amphidromus latestrigatus sub sp. (fat form) Indonesia 37-43mm F++/G $30.00
1572 Amphidromus latestrigatus sumbaensis Indonesia 35mm F++/G $20.00
439 Amphidromus maculatus Indonesia 24-27mm F++/G $8.00
500 Amphidromus meteranus Indonesia 25-27mm F+++ SOLD OUT
2178 Amphidromus n.sp (close to poeeilochrous) Indonesia 30mm up F++ $20.00
936 Amphidromus palaceus Indonesia 57mm F++/G $7.00
502 Amphidromus perakensis Malaysia 45-47mm F+++ SOLD OUT
366 Amphidromus perversus Indonesia 41-43mm F++/G $5 .00
1695 Amphidromus perversus melanomma Indonesia 42-46mm F++ $12.00
496 Amphidromus perversus dark form Indonesia 43-46mm F++/G $5.00
442 Amphidromus perversus sultanus form Indonesia 40-44mm F++/G $5.00
2374 Amphidromus peversus interrptus Indonesia 52mm up F++ $5.50
2289 Amphidromus pictus concinnus Malaysia 36mm F++ $25.00
529 Amphidromus poecilochrous Indonesia 24-26mm F+++ SOLD OUT
436 Amphidromus puspae Indonesia 35-38mm F++/G $10.00
1406 Amphidromus quadrasi Philippines 31-38mm F++ $6.00
1403 Amphidromus quadrasi Philippines 40-45mm F++ $8.00
2482 Amphidromus quadrasi Philippines 45-46mm F++/G $12.00
512 Amphidromus quadrasi Philippines 48mm F+++ SOLD OUT
622 Amphidromus reflexilabris Indonesia 32-38mm F++/G $10.00
1413 Amphidromus reflexilabris Indonesia 41-44mm F++ SOLD OUT
452 Amphidromus sinistralis Indonesia 33-36mm F++/G SOLD OUT
453 Amphidromus sinistralis stripped form Indonesia 33-36mm F+++ SOLD OUT
498 Amphidromus sp Indonesia 28-32mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1390 Amphidromus sp New (yellow) Indonesia 30-33mm F++ SOLD OUT
2151 Amphidromus Sumatranus Indonesia 25-30mm F++ $18.00
635 Amplirhagada sp. Australia  13-15mm F+++ $5.00
414 Bentosites etheridgei Australia 28-30mm F+++ $8.00
626 Camaena arata Philippines 40-45mm F+++ $4.00
421 Camaena mamilla Indonesia 38-42mm F+++ $18.00
2218 Caracolus sagemon Jamaica 35mm F++ $15.00
2334 Chloritis argillacea Indonesia 19-21mm F++/G $7.00
2275 Chloritis gruner Indonesia 42-46mm F++ $12.00
2274 Chloritis maforensis Indonesia 33-39mm F++ $15.00
423 Forcartia buehieri New Guinea 30-32mm F+++ $5.00
1559 Forcartia buehleri New Guinea 33mm Gem SOLD OUT
2436 lampadion otis Panama 52-56mm F++ $4.00
889 Megalacron admiralitaris New Guinea 26mm F++ SOLD OUT
420 Megalacron melanesia New Guinea 25mm F+++ $5.50
426 Obba bigonia Philippines 24-28mm F+++ $4.00
2233 Obba moricandi Philippines 22mm-30mm F++ $5.00
418 Obba papilla konawensis Indonesia 32-35mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2531 Obba papilla papilla Indonesia w28-30,h19-20mm F++/G $12.00
2291 Obba papilla pygmaea Indonesia 26mm F++ $8.00
2415 Obba parmula Philippines 31-33mm F++ $7.00
450 Obba rota Philippines 25-28mm F+++ $5.00
2515 Papuina acmella Solomon 27mm,32mm F+,F++ $9.00
2501 Papuina admiralitensis New Guinea 27mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2504 Papuina adonis New Guinea 23mm F++/G $5.50
2516 Papuina albocarinata New Guinea 22mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2512 Papuina ambrosia Solomon 23mm F++/G $12.00
2192 Papuina aurora Indonesia 32mm F++ SOLD OUT
2277 Papuina blanfordiana Indonesia 14mm,15mm F++ $15.00
2525 Papuina eddystonensis Papua New Guinea 18mm F++ SOLD OUT
2140 Papuina exsultans Indonesia 20mm F++/G $50.00
2522 Papuina fringilla Solomon 25mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2518 Papuina gamelia Solomon 21mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2523 Papuina hargreavesi Solomon 25mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2156 Papuina hedleyi Indonesia H.28mm,L.32mm F++/G $40.00
2505 Papuina hermoine New Guinea 19mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2170 Papuina labium Indonesia 33mm F++ $15.00
2519 Papuina lambei New Guinea 20mm F++/G SOLD OUT
438 Papuina lepida Indonesia 30-33mm F++/G $10.00
2520 Papuina malantanensis Solomon 20mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2502 Papuina meta Solomon 29mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2685 Papuina metrodora Indonesia 30mm F++ $35.00
2524 Papuina migratoria Solomon 18mm F++/G $3.00
2517 Papuina motacella` Solomon 19mm F++/G SOLD OUT
362 Papuina novoguineensis Indonesia 37-39mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2587 Papuina pileus Indonesia 27-33mm F++ $16.00
2617 Papuina pileus Indonesia 28-30mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1410 Papuina subcostata Indonesia 30mm F++ SOLD OUT
2511 Papuina tabarensis New Guinea 23mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2510 Papuina tayloriana Indonesia 22mm F++/G $20.00
2514 papuina taylorianus yulensis New Guinea 19mm F++/G $7.00
2521 Papuina wiegmanni New guinea 25mm F++/G $7.00
2503 Papuina woodlarkiana New Guinea 17mm F++/G SOLD OUT
903 Papuina xanthochella W. Solomona 43mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2500 Papustyla chancei New Guinea 30mm F++/G SOLD OUT
1531 Papustyla fergusoni New Guinea 25mm F++ SOLD OUT
2157 Planispira deaniana Indonesia 22mm F++ $15.00
2294 Planispira deaniana Indonesia 22mm F++ $15.00
2552 Planispira exceptiuncula Indonesia 23mm up F++/G $12.00
1408 Planispira exceptiuncula Indonesia 20mm F++ $8.00
2551 Planispira sp Indonesia 25-27mm F++/G $12.00
2475 Planispira zodiacus unicolor Indonesia 30-40mm F++,F++/G $10-12.00
1593 Planispira zonaria Indonesia 29mm F+++ SOLD OUT
2417 Pleurodonte acuta Jamaica 37-41mm F++ $4.00
2565 Pleurodonte badia Guadeloupe 14.7mm F++ SOLD OUT
2066 Pleurodonte dentiens Guadelope 21mm F++ SOLD OUT
526 Pleurodonte marginella Puerto Rico 35mm F+++ SOLD OUT
2541 Pleurodonte nuxdenticulata Martinique 23mm F+ SOLD OUT
361 Pleurodonte rostrata Cuba 30-34mm F+++ $9.00
638 Pleurodonte sinuata Jamaica 24mm F+++ $6.00
636 Pleurodonte strangulata Jamaica 20mm F+++ SOLD OUT
525 Pleurodonte (caracolus) marginella rostrata Cuba 36mm F+++ $8.00
2553 Pleuroxia ruga Australia 14mm (XL) F++ $5.00
2545 Polydontes lima Martinique 38-40mm F++ $12.00
2396 Polygyratia polygyrata Brasil 40-43mm F++ $20.00
2419 Polygyratia polygyratia charybdis Brasil 34-37mm F++ $40.00
1258 Polygyratia sp Brasil 38mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2337 Pyrochilus pyrostoma Indonesia 55mm+ F++ $25.00
2339 Pyrochilus pyrostoma (albino) Indonesia 55mm+ F++ SOLD OUT
2338 Pyrochilus pyrostoma (beige-cream) Indonesia 55mm+ F++ $25.00
2073 Quistrachia lefroyi Australia 11-12mm F++ $3.00
2547 Rhagada tescorum Australia 18mm F++/G $6.00
2555 Rhagada tescorum Australia 20mm F++ $4.00
1409 Rhynchotrochus strabo New Guinea 25mm F++ SOLD OUT
524 Rhynchotrochus taylorianus New Guinea 28mm F+++ SOLD OUT
2169 Sphaerospira coxi Australia 35mm F++ $5.00
427 Sphaerospira fraseri Australia 35-38mm F+++ $5.00
2471 Theristes thorogoodi Australia 30-35mm F++ $5.00
2569 Xanthomelon durvilii Australia 40mm F+/++ $8.00

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