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There are 78 item(s) in Bradybaenidae.

  Seashells family: Bradybaenidae

All price are listed in US currency, and price is for each shell.
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Shell ID Genus Species Locality Dimension Condition Price Picture
327 Bradybaena froticum Slovakia 21mm F+++ SOLD OUT
2390 Calocochilia carbonaria Philippines 31-38mm F++ $6.00
2432 Calocochilia cumingii(anixa) Philippines 30-32mm F++ SOLD OUT
927 Calocochilia zonifera paralucea Philippines 40mm F++ $6.00
2257 Calocochlia albayousis Philippines 38mm,39mm F++/G $8.00
1340 Calocochlia cf. festiva Philippines 35-44mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2423 Calocochlia coccomelos Philippines 43-45mm F++ $22.00
2430 Calocochlia cryptica Philippines 58-62mm F++ $6.00
2434 Calocochlia cryptica crenata Philippines 60-62mm F++ SOLD OUT
2397 Calocochlia hidalgoi Philippines 44-49mm F++ SOLD OUT
2183 Calocochlia intorta Philippines 37mm up F++ $12.00
2381 Calocochlia pan Philippines 48-51mm F++ SOLD OUT
428 Calocochlia pyrostoma Indonesia 58mm F+++ SOLD OUT
1760 Calocochlia roissyana Philippines 32-34mm F++ SOLD OUT
1090 Calocochlia roissyana Philippines 30-35mm F++ SOLD OUT
2053 Calocochlia roissyana laymansa Philippines 30mm,31mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2282 Calocochlia siquijorensis Philippines 48mm,50mm F++ $28.00
2468 Calocochlia speciosa Philippines 30mm F++ $3.00
2283 Calocochlia zonifera samarensis Philippines. 42mm F++ SOLD OUT
2406 Canistrum ovoideum Philippines 43-50mm F++ $4.00
2427 Canistrum stabile Philippines 28mm-31mm F++ $3.00
2071 Chloraea dryope sibuyanica Philippines 23mm F++ $7.00
2594 Chloraea najas Indonesia 25-31mm F+ $35.00
1414 Chloraea sirena Philippines 15-20mm F++ SOLD OUT
425 Chloraea sirena Philippines 30-34mm F+++ $25.00
2075 Chloraea sp. Philippines 12mm F++ SOLD OUT
1412 Chloraea (corasia) psittacina Philippines 24mm F++ SOLD OUT
2055 Chrysalis aspera mindoroensis Philippines 47mm,55mm F++/G $3.00
627 Chrysalis virgata Philippines 38-42mm F+++ $3.50
1998 Chrysalis (white) virgata Philippines 46mm F++ SOLD OUT
2407 Chrysallis nigriceps Philippines 64-66mm F++ $4.50
2372 Chrysallis rollei Philippines 68-75mm F++ SOLD OUT
2186 Chrysallis virgata Philippines 44mm F++ $5.00
2416 Chrysallis vittata Philippines 41-45mm F++ $3.50
2069 Chrysallis (Dolichostyla) virgata partuloides Philippines 47mm , 51mm F++ SOLD OUT
2561 Cochlostyla metamorphis Philippines 33mm F++ SOLD OUT
2560 Cochlostyla metamorphis Philippines 33mm F++ $10.00
2262 Fruticicola fruticum Slovakia 20mm F++ $2.50
501 Helicostyla annulata Philippines 24-28mm F+++ $3.00
2435 Helicostyla bicolorata Philippines. 51-57mm F++ SOLD OUT
2433 Helicostyla butleri gravida Philippines 27-30mm F++ $6.00
2401 Helicostyla camelopardalis Philippines 49-50mm F++ $5.00
2391 Helicostyla carinata ventricosula Philippines 60-62mm F++ $7.00
2187 Helicostyla cf. annulata Philippines 23mm F++ $4.00
2424 Helicostyla concinna Philippines 43-45mm F++ $5.00
2414 Helicostyla cunctator Philippines 46-56mm F++ $5-7.00
2403 Helicostyla daphnis Philippines 52-57mm F++ SOLD OUT
2377 Helicostyla diana Philippines 54-56mm F++ $5.00
2598 Helicostyla dimera Philippines 40mm F++/G $6.00
2368 Helicostyla effusa Philippines 37-38mm F++ $4.00
2370 Helicostyla faunus Philippines 47-51mm F++ $6.00
528 Helicostyla florida Philippines 30-38mm F+++ $3.00
2438 Helicostyla fulgetrum Philippines 48-59mm F++ $7.00
1236 Helicostyla grandis (f) depressa Philippine 62mm F++ SOLD OUT
2051 Helicostyla leai greenish form Philippines 29mm,33mm F++/G SOLD OUT
2052 Helicostyla leai pink form Philippines 28mm,35mm F++ $3.00
2050 Helicostyla leai white form Philippines 28mm,34mm F++/G $3.00
2182 Helicostyla leai yellow form Philippines 28mm-35mm F++ $5.00
2422 Helicostyla libita Philippines 28-30mm F++ $4.50
2240 Helicostyla marinduquensis (brown) Philippines 64mm F++ $10.00
2236 Helicostyla marinduquensis (white) Philippines 59mm F++ $10.00
2418 Helicostyla nobilis Philippines 55-60mm F++ $7.00
1211 Helicostyla pithogaster Philippines 73mm F++ SOLD OUT
2566 Helicostyla polillensis Philippines 31mm F++ w/p $7.00
2184 Helicostyla roissyana Philippines 31-33mm F++ $5.00
2054 Helicostyla rufogaster Philippines 58-60mm F++ $8.00
2405 Helicostyla sarcinosa turgens Philippines 55-61mm F++ SOLD OUT
1131 Helicostyla satyrus Philippines 46mm F++ SOLD OUT
2193 Helicostyla sp Philippines 48mm F++ SOLD OUT
2557 Helicostyla sphaerica Philippines 27mm F++ $5.00
2371 Helicostyla ticaonica Philippines 52-55mm F++ $6.00
2428 Helicostyla woodiana Philippines 54-70mm F++ SOLD OUT
2074 Helicostyla (Dryocochlians) satyrus Philippines 43mm(photo), 32mm F++ SOLD OUT
2070 Helicostyla (Pachysphaera) sphaerica Philippines 25mm F++ SOLD OUT
2556 Phengus cincinnus Philippines 38mm F++ $4.00
888 Phoenicobius aratus Philippines 40mm F++ $3.00
1907 Phoenicobius campanulus Philippines 23mm,23mm,24mm Gem SOLD OUT
2586 Tricheulota zodiacus zodiacus Indonesia 52-55mm F++ $32.00

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